I love teaching myself new stuff…or, I should say, I’ve had Photoshop for a while now, but had forgotten a few key tricks that I’d learned back in my graphic design college days…a while ago (OK, I could’ve birthed a teenager since then — shudder). Here’s what I’ve retaught myself so far:

Removing Blemishes and Brightening Teeth



I even removed the little freckles from his nose. This was just an example and I don’t plan on keeping it like this, but you can see the effect it makes. Of course, I can’t fix the swelling and it’s a little out of focus, but you get the jist. I don’t know how many pics I’ve taken that are spoiled by a baby finger nail scratch to the cheek or some sort of blemish. I can remove spots (zits), freckles, blemishes, scars and even laugh lines. How sweet is that?!

The local company that took our family photo in December charges $75/hour in 15-minute increments to do this kinda stuff. She’ll also swap heads and make a perfect composition if one of your children blink or don’t look at the camera. I’m planning on learning that one again too. She’s not the only one in this windswept tumbleweed town with some mad skills!


14 responses to “Photoshoptastic

  1. Of course you are skilled. And given that there are many, many people out there who are Photoshop Challenged, perhaps you might make a buck or two on the side. You DO have access to a fairly sizable audience, after all. And they have access to their audiences, and so on and so on.

  2. That would definitely come in handy! 🙂

  3. anglophilefootballfanatic

    Way to go. Hey, I saw your allergy in your profile on Facebook. You okay? Or feeling homesick?

  4. Thanks everybody!

    AFF: I never had allergies in the UK. This is my second summer in MT and they’re back (it’s a Virology thing) and it ticks me off end. I had them bad in our last place too.

  5. And you take a short round person and make them just a bit taller and less round. Fun stuff, but I bet some doctored stuff get used by family at a later time if not properly documented and such. “Wow, grandma really looked good as a teen.” ;o)

  6. Perfect, you can beat him as much as you like now.

  7. Can you Photoshop me some bigger boobs? 😉

  8. I had a friend good at all things graphic, I was always amazed by his skill. Now I can bow to you too. ; ) Can you make my boobs smaller?

  9. I’m just wondering what are the other mad skills?

  10. Good job, i refuse to learn any stop of photo editing as i would want to do every single old shot i have and i just don’t have the time.

  11. That is way cool. I need to learn how to do this kind of stuff.

  12. Wow, I’m impressed. I wish I could do that. I’m sort of scared of Photoshop. 🙂

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