T13: Thirteen Things I Have Learned from Blogging

The end of June is my 3rd blogversary (so they say). Here are some things I’ve learned from airing my dirty laundry for all and sundry since 2005:

1. There are many blogging platforms, niches and types: Human interest bloggers, photo bloggers, diary/photo bloggers and inside-ma-heid bloggers, to name a few. I’m the latter.

2. Writing is very cathartic. (Reading others’ is just as cathartic.)

3. It’s easier to write and be read when people you’re not close to are reading along with you.

4. Which brings me to: People you’d rather not read your blog will find it. That’s all I’m saying.

5. Lurkers are friendly. Lurkers come in the blogger and the non-blogger variety. I lurk all over the place. Mainly because I have comment envy. There, I said it. Sod off.

6. a) When you write from the heart and are completely honest, it’s akin to people riffling through your underwear drawer when you’re holding an Open House and you’re not fully fenced, but very worth it. See No. 2

b) Write like no’one else is reading. Even if they’re not.

7. You can be precisely vague and still get a point across.

8. It doesn’t really matter if you conceal names, people still find out about you.

9. If you don’t feel like writing, then you probably should. I learned this one too late. Introspective introvert traits…

10. Your blog design can have a huge impact on your readers. I’d love to change mine…

11. Post often.

12. You don’t need to know HTML, but it helps.

13. It takes a lot of time, dedication and effort. And even when you think you’re done for, there’s always something to blog about. Blogging gimmicks are worth it just for this reason alone: Wordless Wednesday, T13, Haiku Friday, Photo Hunt, Weekly Winners…to name a few.  Post-dating your blog entries is a sweet miracle.


14 responses to “T13: Thirteen Things I Have Learned from Blogging

  1. anglophilefootballfanatic

    Thanks for sharing. If you want a redesign, please go see Nap Warden. She’s very reasonable. And, of course people will find you, find names, etc. It’s the nature of the game. Sod off? I love you! I’ve never been told to sod off.

  2. Yep. I sometimes wish some of my family and friends didn’t know about my blog. Ah well.

  3. AFF: I have Photoshop and Illustrator, I just can’t be bothered, I know I won’t be happy with it…sigh

  4. When I first started blogging it was ment ot be for a group of my baseball buddies. None of them read it. But I kept doing it because of all the cool people that have stopped by to say hello, and you were the first.

  5. Congratulations on your 3rd blogging anniversary, may there be many more of them.

  6. 3rd blogaversay?! Congratulations!

    I must say, “Write like no’one else is reading. Even if they’re not.” And “You can be precisely vague and still get a point across.” — LOVE those 🙂

    And yes, people will find you…

  7. Thank you for this good advice — though I believe in always writing like someone is reading, even if they aren’t — as long as that someone is not your mother or your kids.

    I was touched by your previous post about becoming a mother. However easy or hard the way is, the child that makes you a mother changes your life forever, and you don’t forget the way that made you feel. Four years for you. Twenty seven for me. No difference at all.

  8. i now have a whole new community i never would’ve imagined thx to my blog. some of them are carrying over to my offline life and it’s odd… but i kind of like it. i write what i want to… but sometimes i hold off on stuff b/c i assume my employers are reading and getting fired is not a good look for me! lol.

  9. I come here for the accent.

  10. 6b is my favorite! You’re hilarious!

    I have a contest at my place! If you like magnets and candy (not in the same mouthful), come and see me before Wednesday! xoxo

  11. So far my family accepts me, warts and all. Still it is strange to have my 30 year old son point to a CD cover I’m highlighting on my blog, roll his eyes, and say, “Dad, is that *is* a naked body.” ;o)

  12. Happy blogversary!

    I agree that one of the most difficult things about blogging is not being able to control who reads it. I’ve had my boss come up to me and say, “I read your blog the other day…” and I have a brief moment of panic while I try to remember if I wrote anything that was potentially offensive/rude.

  13. I’d sod off if only I knew how? Did you just throw turf at me? ; ) You were the first blog I ever read and I jumped right in and you were ever so helpful.

    So far I have enjoyed the pleasure of basic anonymity in my blog even though I have let people in my family know about it even with a link.

  14. “Post-dating your blog entries is a sweet miracle.” Aint that the truth?! I wish I used that wee feature a bit more often… and then I could look like I post all the time but be totally faking it. 😉

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