HF: Pee the Beds*

Haiku FridayThe Haiku theme? Hair
Well, Ah didnae plan ahead (no pun intended)
This is what you get:

The front door opened
T’was Ian, “I brought you these”
Just out-of-the-blue

Sigh, my heart melted
My l’il one picked me flowers
I love him to death

* There was an Urban Legend of sorts going around (still is) when I was a kid, that if you touched the yellow part of dandelions and got the yellow on you, you’d pee the bed that night. I must’ve touched a ton of them growing up.

Thanks to AlmostAmerican for this: Dandelion in French is ‘pissenlit’. (’lit’=bed)


21 responses to “HF: Pee the Beds*

  1. Aw, how sweet! I loved the haiku, and I hadn’t heard about touching the yellow part of the dandelions. It explains a lot (kidding, of course).

  2. We used to use dandelions to tell the time: the number of times it took to blow the seeds off the head reveled the hour of the day.

  3. Dandelion in French is ‘pissenlit’. (‘lit’=bed)

  4. I also forgot: later in life, my grandfather used to make dandelion wine which packed a ‘sneak up on you’ wallop.
    Now I hear that they use these things in salads; I should become a dandelion farmer (I’ve already got a bumper crop).

  5. Aww. What a little sweetie! Love that!
    Never heard about touching the yellow part. Hmm. Must remember that one!

  6. Awwwww… I love when the kids pick flowers for me!! Great one, S!!

  7. Almost American: that clearly explains it.

  8. My boy picks me dandelions regularly. I keep them, put them in my hair, and sneeze, sneeze, sneeze. You just can’t resist.

  9. Haiku in dialect. How cool.

  10. Dandelions were pee the bed and buttercups were you liked a “better bit of butter on yer knife”..lol Remember that advert?

    Lovely when they give you flowers, mine are usually weeds picked fresh from the backyard, but lovely just the same.

  11. Great haiku! I’ve never heard of that urban legend before. I’ll have to test it out. LOL!!!

  12. anglophilefootballfanatic

    What a strange urban legend. Thanks again for the surprise. I love it. Clan motto & all! And, Ian’s so sweet.

  13. How sweet, have to laugh at the urban legend as my niece was doing it to both my girls just a few hours ago. Well really just putting them under there chins and running away giggling going you pee the bed

  14. Adorable; I’ve always thought dandelions were too pretty to be weeds!

  15. I miss dandelions. We don’t really have them here in the desert! I remember waiting until they were all puffy and making a wish and blowing them into the wind. I also remember making dandelion necklaces for my mom!

  16. Those moments are so precious!!

    Great post, funny!

  17. glad I never touched the stuff!

  18. That is so sweet!!! Hmm, this legend could be true. My daughter LOVES picking these…and we change her pants often 😦

  19. Growing up in Australia, we used to make daisy chains with the yellow flowers of the cape weed plant that grew in parks and our school ground. My father used to tell us that kids in his day called them “pee-the-beds” because you would wet the bed if you played with them. I googled “pee-the-bed” today because I have just seen lots of the weeds on a walk in Perth’s Kings Park.

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