Word of the Week

mooth :

The mouth. Someone considered to be well-endowed in this department may have it said of him that he has a mooth like the Clyde Tunnel. A person who has irregular or stained teeth may be described as having a mooth like a row of condemned hooses or buildings.

One of the unpleasant after-effects of a heavy drinking session, especially when mixed with smoking is a mooth like a pocket of douts (cigarette butts). A similar expressing is a mooth like a badger’s bum or arse. One can’t help but wonder why a badger should be considered particularly unpleasant in this department and indeed, how anyone found out.

The phrase you’ve a mooth indicates an offer of food or drink to a guest:

“Ye know, Ah sat in the hoose for a good hoor an’ a hauf, an’ they never thought tae say, ye’ve a mooth.”


10 responses to “Word of the Week

  1. And here’s me thinking that “ye’ve a mooth” is something that’s used to make a martini. 😉

  2. anglophilefootballfanatic

    Yay! Word of the week is BAAAACKKK! You know how I’ve missed it!

  3. anglophilefootballfanatic

    But where’s the audio link? I live for that rolled r you do so well.

  4. OMG!! You’re back now!! All the way back. I missed this.

  5. Yes!! I have missed the word of the week. It is almost a test for me now – to see if my 4 yrs in Scotland gave me any inkling as to what you are on about!!!
    Glad you’re up and running more !

  6. “like a mooth foo uh broken biscuits…”

  7. WotW is one of my favorite features on the net. Thanks, Siobhan, for another serving.

    One question: When you say someone is well-endowed in the mouth department do you mean that the mouth is physically large? Over here, if someone is described as having quite a mouth, it would mean sassy and vocal.

    I like “badger’s bum” for the alliteration. I suppose you could also go with aardvark’s arse, but that sounds like you’re trying too hard.

  8. Oh how I love the word of the week!
    That last sentence slayed me!

  9. I have something on my blog you want to see. Promise.

  10. Really missed the ‘WOTW’.

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