He Married a Bloody Genius! (Modest Too.)

Well my friends, my suspicions have been confirmed: I’m a frickin’ creative genius! We just found out Bryan won the iPod Touch from the competition in April. Between the both of us, we rarely win anything, so as you can imagine, having just found out outside while Bryan was sitting on the lawn tractor talking to a colleague at work on the phone, I leapt in the air, punching it with both hands. (How’s that for a hyper-excited run-on sentence?)

The winning name? Big Sky Cafe. Doesn’t sound too creative does it? That is, unless you know where Bryan works. The company name is in there. I know, I’m that good.

I think I should at least get visiting rights.

He also wins 10 free meals, but…pfff…who cares about that?


19 responses to “He Married a Bloody Genius! (Modest Too.)

  1. wooooooo! i love winning!

  2. Winning isn’t everything, the iPod touch is everything!

  3. congrats! i like the name – and the prize! enjoy it.

  4. Very clever. You are a bloody genius! The ipod will be a nice addition to your new motor 😉

  5. What are you going to name the iPod Touch?

  6. Woohoo! That’s some serious winnings right there. Good job!

  7. Congrats! Very cool swag… hopefully you can share.

  8. Holy crap! You go, chickie! That is awesome! Woohoo!

  9. Well done, you. Of course, some of us always knew you were a genius.

  10. Holy cow! Kick Arse you diva. Although the link to the competition is not working.

    BTW, when are you going to start doing Wenzdays again?

  11. And you were jealous when I got my video iPod. But, I had to pay for mine! Congratulations!

  12. The ipod touch is so much fun I just love mine. Congrats on winning one!
    Thanks for stopping by always fun to meet another expat!

  13. Oooh, you rock!

    Have fun!!

  14. Woowoo! Congratulations! That is such a great prize 🙂

  15. those are cool, i have mucked about with a couple at work. great sound off them

  16. Awesome! So who’s music goes on it? 😉

  17. Nice! I’d be afraid to hold a gadget as fancy as that one.

  18. Congrats! Color me jealous!

  19. Named it “Bruce”

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