Photo Hunt: Bad Hair

I’ve never participated in Photo Hunt before, but thought I’d take a squizz (a wee look, in case there was any doubt!) at the theme for this week. I had to. I just had to.

Personally, I think the Lab safety specs really complete the look.


22 responses to “Photo Hunt: Bad Hair

  1. Absolutely perfect!!
    Welcome to the hunt 🙂

  2. Thats nice entry…Happy hunting!

  3. Welcome to the hunt, great photo for this weeks theme!
    View mine if you wish here thanks

  4. Welcome to PhotoHunt :). That shot’s hilarious – and perfect for this week’s theme. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Perfect pic! You did great, for your first hunt 😉

  6. LOL Suits him.

    You know i have been searching for one of those hats everywhere (well in EK anyways) and cannot find them. I really though they would be easy to find

  7. Great!!! And welcome to the photo hunt…’officially’. LOL

    My ‘bad hair’ is of a TV star from decades ago…stop by, won’t you?

    [there is also a long meme I did for today, so if you wish to leave a comment for me, you will have to scroll down the blog entry to find the comment link!]

    Happy Hunting!!

  8. Nice photo, i like the hair color….

  9. Most excellent! Welcome to the Photo Hunt!

  10. Welcome to the hunt. Great shot! Have a great weekend!

  11. HAHAHA!!!!
    That is so perfect! I love it! Great job!!! I can’t stop laughing!!!

    Thanks for the email. You rock!
    And, can I just say “I love you”? Really. It’s okay. Don’t be scared. I won’t stalk you or anything. I just really love you.
    You may go about your business now.

  12. I love the photo that you picked for bad hair! The glasses do make the look.

    Welcome to the hunt!

    Mine’s up…come on over!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Problem is … I have no hair. Well, at least none on my head.

  14. The beauty of it is LceeL, you don’t NEED hair with that hat on, it comes attached. :o)

  15. I like how you’re still keeping the word of the week alive embedded into the posts. Thumbs up.

  16. Hi ! great shot…. your hair just compliment your happy smile.Please visit my blog too and post a comment..Thanks.

  17. where do you guys live in Montana? we are there often, lots of family there.

  18. I had to come visit your site just based on your name. Very good!

    And the hair—very bad!!

  19. Hello!
    Bryan found your blog while he was looking at Jen’s. I love I have spent about an hour looking at all the fun photos and I love the whittyness of the writting.
    I would love to post a link on our blog if that is ok?
    Have a great day!

  20. The vickies make this picture perfect. I don’t even want to know what he’s saying in it. Ha!

  21. LOL!!! That shot is priceless 😉 Love it!
    So glad you decided to join in 🙂

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