T13: Thirteen Places in Scotland that I Love (and Miss)

In no particular order: (But I would say that…)

1. Inverness. The Highlands’ biggest city.

2. Loch Lomond. As you leave the industrial capital of Scotland (Glasgow) behind and head for the Highlands, you’ll be privy to some spectacular scenes and breath-taking serenity. A beautiful scenic rural area of Scotland, with break-neck, windy, narrow roads and an amazing view to distract you. Mind the rock on the passenger side as you glide past tourist coaches, then your heart suddenly stops as you fear death itself. It’s worth it though.

3. The Old Man of Stor, Isle of Skye. Spectacular scenery in a breath-taking location.

4. Edinburgh and Stirling Castles.

Edinburgh Castle (Edin’burra, nae “Edinburg”, mind)
A tiny chapel, built on the summit of the castle rock in the early twelfth century, is dedicated to the memory of Queen Margaret and is the oldest building in Edinburgh Castle.
Stirling Castle
Most principle buildings date from 15-16th century

5. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (Glasgow).

6. The very rustic, remote areas of the Highlands.

7. Glencoe. (Gaelic: “Gleann Comhann”) Not the highest point in Scotland, but awe inspiring.

8. The Glenfinnan Viaduct. Made famous by the Harry Potter series films.

9. Princes Street, Edinburgh. A shopping metropolis in Scotland’s capital on one side and a honkin’ huge castle on the other. Don’t worry, it trips us out too.

10. Fort William. The only place IN THE ENTIRE WORLD where McDonald’s ALLOWED them to change the name (Mac Dhomhnuill’s). Oh, and it’s pretty too. The biggest little city up north.

11. Carnoustie. Another golf h(e)aven – other than St. Andrews, this is. Apart from that, I totally love the name. (Auchtermuchty and Crianlarach come a close second and third)

12. Buchanan Street, Glasgow. A shopper’s Utopia. I could spend hours on this street alone. Not aLONE, but, you know…alone.

13. Eilean Donan and Dunnottar Castles.

Eilean Donan Castle, built in 1220
Dunnottar Castle, outside Aberdeen (older than dirt, i.e. The Dark Ages)

P.S. Although I would love to lay claim to these wonderful shots of my homeland, they were all retrieved from a search engine who shall, for my own selfish purposes, remain nameless. That, and they’re already rolling in money, and who am I to keep them in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to?


26 responses to “T13: Thirteen Places in Scotland that I Love (and Miss)

  1. well and truly homesick now ….. I can taste the fresh air …..

    reminds me of when I first came to US in ’98 – went to Aspen Colorado for 9 weeks (as a student of the music festival – I’m FAR from wealthy!!!) and everyone was hooing and haaing about the mountains … and my general reply was “yeah their pretty” but I never seemed as impressed as most folks – then I went home and took my German friend on a tour of Scotland and I realised – duh!!! I grew up with breathtaking scenery everyday … I used to stare at a Munroe from my Chemistry classroom window.

    sigh …. homesick

  2. They may not be your photographs but they are nonetheless awe inspiring.

    Methinks you are feeling a tad homesick – it happens to us all – perhaps it’s time for a trip to the old country.

  3. Kirsty: Again, I’m so, so sorry. *snort*

    Jan: Hahaha, I just got back 9 weeks ago…

  4. absolutely stunning pictures! you should be on the payroll of scotland’s tourism bureau; thanks to you, i would put scotland at the top of my list of places that i must see!

  5. Note to self: move Scotland to top of list of places to go.

    Lovely stuff, my Lady.

  6. Fabulous shots, Siobhan! It’s been entirely too long since our last trip there, and there’s plenty more to see. Thanks for sharing.

    Your majestic purple mountains are great, too! (Skipping ahead to your scenes from Montana.)

  7. Siobhan, makes me homesick….oh wait, I’m not from Scotland! Been to all the places but 3. But my plan is to buy a Bothy there. 😉

  8. you know why mcdonalds let fort william change the name. cos it sounds the same over the phone ha ha

  9. And another thing, like the new profile pic. I can almost feel the blue eyes lasering a hole in my monitor!

  10. UM LIKE what?!!? CLEARLY i need to be there YESTERDAY!! too gorg. hook me up w/some of your fam to show me around!

  11. Must you do this to me?!? Going to Scotland is one of my lifelong dreams, and when I see pictures like this, it kills me!

    These are incredibly gorgeous. These pictures are calling out to me…

  12. In the name o’ the wee man! You covered the WHOLE country. You got painfully close to Montrose too. It didn’t hurt too much. I love a lot of those places too.

  13. Makes me want to go on a road trip, sometimes i cannot wait to leave here and then i see pictures and think it truly is a wonderful place.

  14. I can see why you miss these sights. So much beauty and history. Those castles look like they’re out of a fairy tale.

  15. Great, Great.. Great…!!!!


  16. Wow. …what a country. Thanks for sharing the beauty of it.

  17. Beautiful photos — though you should link the photos from Flickr to their description pages (as per the Flickr community guidelines).

  18. Believe me, I’d give props to Flickr, if that was the case. But it’s not…

  19. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and I wanted to say how much I loved your pictures of Scotland! I hope to visit sometime soon!

  20. I have so many vivid memories of Scotland, but it was the vast open loneliness of Glencoe that touched me the most. I really can’t describe how everything seemed so near and far at the same time and how in between, it was filled with ghosts.

  21. I would LOVE to visit any or all of your top 13 spots. I can claim some Scottish heritage (being from a Jamieson grand-dad from the clan of Gunn), so for me, going back would be like a trip to the homeland—at least I think so! That second to last shot looks a lot like the castle in the movie “Made of Honor” which I saw with friends recently.

    wonderful post!

  22. What a lovely post — been to many of them. Have great memories of my boys feeding and being chased by the ducks on Loch Lomand and great shopping in Edinburgh and Glasgow!

  23. I’m from scotland and I’m going home in three weeks cant wait. great pics even if there no yours.

  24. Good research on your part has resulted in a beautiful selection of photos of bonnie Scotland. Well done.
    We’re in the Midlands now but I went to school in Edinburgh married in Glasgow and my honeymoon at Airth Castle! We’re travelling to Fort William in September ’09 to visit family, we can’t wait.

  25. The most beautiful place on Earth….is Scotland… Always think of this beautiful place and wish to stay there permanently…

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