HF: My Brave Wee Pooper

Haiku FridaySurrounded by poo
Nappies were rarely just pee
Went on forever

Thought it was his teeth
I’m still hoping it’s his teeth
Gluten allergies?

Theory: I have one
I really hope it’s not true
He has dairy squirts

Aww, poor little man
“Cheese” is a new word for him
Let’s hope it’s not that

Being a second-time Mum, I’m a little more laid back, I don’t feel like I react like I did with Ian, but of course, concern is still there. He rarely has had just a pee nappy for over 2.5 months and I knew it had to be something else and not teething — quietly hoping it wasn’t.

We took Cameron to the doctor on Wednesday, they squeezed us in. I mentioned the slightly elevated temperature, the ear tugging and the nasty nappies. He told me he didn’t have an ear infection, but his frequent “movements” could be an allergy to gluten. That would be such a nightmare, then again, I don’t like the idea of him having an intestinal disdain for dairy either. He handed me some paperwork for the blood work and we went across the street to the lab at the hospital.

I knew he was a little toughie, he rarely cries from needle jabs in the legs. Bryan sat with him and held down an arm to minimise the flailing and showed him his mobile/cell phone. The phlebotomist was great, but even more surprising, Cameron did amazing too. All he did was stare at her jabbing him for the blood draw and pull out a wee petted lip. No tears, no wailing. he was a wee champion!

Now we have to play the waiting game, and if the results are negative, no dairy products will be gracing his life for two weeks. He’ll be “maaah”ing for yogurt and cheese.

Life will be bleeting fantastic.


26 responses to “HF: My Brave Wee Pooper

  1. I feel your pain. Had much the same problem with my daughter, only later in life. Having a kid who is not afraid of needles is a blessing. My kids were not like that and would hide under the bed if they even caught wind of a trip to the MD.

    I hope it turns out to not be too bumpy a ride for you.

    PS: your picture of the head diaper gave me an idea. Disposable toddler head protectors. You know how kids are forever bumping there heads into this and that. It could also be used for teenagers too so that when they do stupid stuff, instead of asking ‘what were you thinking?’, we could simply take off their head diaper and have a peek.

  2. Hopefully the results will come back soon. The pictures are precious!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Gosh, he is a cutie!

    I hope his results are in soon to clear up this “mess”.

  4. Super cute!

    I feel your pain on the allergies. My older one can’t have food dyes. Ugh.

  5. I don’t know what it is but the gluten allergy thing seems to be popping up all over!

    Hope the results clear up the mystery for you. Oh the poop stories, eh?

    Love that cute little diaper hat, BTW.

  6. Oh, I hope for your sake he’s just an overly active pooper!

    Hang in there, and make Bryan take over diaper duty this weekend!

  7. anglophilefootballfanatic

    He has the most angelic eyes.

    You know, the dairy thing is not that bad. The kiddo & are both lactose intolerant. There are MUCH worse things. I promise. You pretty much just start buying Lactaid milk.

  8. A handsome lad, that Cameroon. I have my fingers crossed and prayers are being said.

  9. We’ve been going through all sorts of food issues with Jude. I feel your pain (and his)!

  10. I hope it’s just teething poops. All four of mine had poop’splosions with teething!

    He’s adorable, btw.. Loving your camera?

  11. Mom claims I was brought up on rice water and goats milk. And now, I’m perfectly normal (there is some dispute about the previous sentence)
    Pray that Ian’s plumbing problem will be found and fixed.

  12. Can that little guy be any cuter? Lucky girl, Siobhan, dirty nappies or not.

  13. he is real cutie – as I’m sure you are aware 😉

    If it is gluten it is very important it is taken care of – if people with celiac disease (allergy to gluten) continue to eat gluten it becomes carcenogenic over time. It is a much more common allergy than the medical profession had previously thought – lots of people have suffered years with IBS, digestive problems, cronic fatigue, migraines and more symptoms. I hope the wee man doesn’t have it – so he can taste beer when he is old enough – but if he does its not the end of the world, there are plenty of options for him to eat. If he is though, its important to realise that celiac disease is hereditary so you might want to get others in your family checked out.

    Oh I do miss beer though ……

    ps I have never had a personal email from a blogger before – felt v special, thank you. OK enough smarminess I need to uphold the reputation of our nationality and get sarcastic ….

  14. Firstly, let me just say how adorable that photo is with the diaper on the head. LOL!!

    Secondly, good luck with the blood tests. It may not be ideal to find out that he has an allergy, but at least they’ll know what’s causing his tummy problems.

    And, I’m starting a fun new meme about children on Tuesday. Hope you’ll consider joining in. Hope you have a great weekend!


  15. Oh my word!!! That is just such a handsome little man!!! I can’t even take it! That smile! Those eyes! What a beautiful kid!!!!
    I’m hoping right along with you that it is just teeth. Fingers crossed!

  16. my son had various allergies, and my daughter was lactose intolerant, so meal planning was very creative around our house. however, as they grew, they both improved. so be encouraged, even if cameron does turn out to have some food issues, it might not be a permanent thing. good luck!

    p.s. i love it when your posts include pictures of your handsome boys – so charming!

  17. Here’s hoping you get an a good answer. He’s a lovely boy!

  18. That boy is too adorable for words! Ohmigosh I could squeeze those cheeks!

    Aside from that outburst… I hope all turns out well. *fingers crossed*

  19. ugh. hope things go your way with this. i have a child with food allergies, so i feel your pain.

  20. He is so cute and lovely!

  21. Poor boy i really hope it comes back as nothing, but then again how cute is he in those pictures. Just love the nappy head

  22. I’m really hoping everything turns out OK.
    He is indeed absolutely ADORABLE!!!

    Like everyone else above me… here’s to hoping it comes back as nothing… or at the absolute worst- extremely manageable.

  23. “:o) Just let me believe I’m that special. ”

    You are!

  24. Good luck with this. Hopefully the lab results will be promising. Cameron is Adorable!

  25. What a stud! Quite the trooper. I had to hold my little girl for a blood sample once. She did great but the stupid nurse couldn’t find the vein. I gave the nurse a look that could kill and think she almost cried too.

  26. 2.5 months? You poor things 😦 I hope his bottom didn’t get too raw.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for his results.

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