Another Winner

I neglected to post the winning caption earlier in the week for the…interesting pic. The mars bar et al goes to The Grand View for submitting this beezer:

“She’s smiling now but wait until she realizes it isn’t sweat that is dripping down her arse.”


13 responses to “Another Winner

  1. Oh awesome one!!! Much better than mine 🙂 Congrats to The Grand View.

  2. Congrats to the winner! Too funny!

  3. anglophilefootballfanatic

    Great job. And, I’m loving your new pictures posts. I hope this weekend was better? I’m still thinking about you.

  4. That is HILARIOUS! Nice job!

  5. Good job, Mikey. I am trounced upon, soundly, it seems, by a greater wit. That said, and the contest is over, can I look up her shorts now?

  6. Hilarious! So many women around NYC with those pooches attached to them… I’m going to giggle and think of that caption every time I see them now.

  7. i’m gonna win one!! i just know i am!! i am! i am!

  8. I don’t remember there being a stated clause that Family cannot win the MARS bar… lol

  9. Bryan, I actually offered to give it to you if I won. Siobhan insisted that you not have it!

  10. I’m not even going to bother trying as I couldn’t match this kind of wit. Too funny!

  11. HAHAHA!!! That is hilarious! Great pick!

  12. You picked the PERFECT winner!

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