HF: A Flashback – The Right Stuff

I thought it was a rumour
I heard you were back

You’ll be on Today [today]
Should I watch given the chance?
[Ian:] “Can I watch my shows?”

Interesting thought
How should I be reacting?
Am I glad/indiff?

I became a fan
Jordan, Joey, Donnie, Jon
And then the weird one

Not an 80’s chick
Looking for a band to fan
Nice! Hot guys that sing!

Had posters on walls
Videos/tape collections
Think they’ll sound the same?

Growing up in the 80’s I never really clung to one artist like a lot of my friends (or my older brother) did. I wasn’t exclusively into Wham!, U2, Bananarama, A-ha, Erasure or Duran Duran; I liked many people and that seemed a bit weird to a lot of the people I hung about with.

Or maybe it was just the fact that I couldn’t fill a bra.

As the eighties were coming to a close, I heard about New Kids on the Block and listened to their stuff over a high tariff phone call. I bought their first album and liked it. I decided that I should probably pick someone, SOMETHING to like – just like my friends around me (peer pressure, isn’t it lovely?). So, I decided on them, although not entirely convinced myself. OooOoo, committing to one group… Not confident on just that, I had to pick one to idolize, so rather than pick my favourite, Jordan, I swung the vote and went for Joey. I don’t know why either.

I followed them for a while; my brother even fuelled the quasi-obsession and bought me their videos for Christmas one year. I don’t think I can really explain it, I liked them, but there was just something missing.

As my bra size changed, so did my interest, much like my Mum experienced with the Beatles when “they got weird”.

I remember Jordan had a failed attempt at a solo career (IMO), although it was probably the song choice and producers rather than any singing ability. Or maybe it was just me. ‘Give it to You’ weirded me out a little. What was up with him getting all freak-nasty? Where was my “I’ll bring your mother flowers, your dog will love me and I’ll show you my Rubik’s cube prowess” skelf of a man?

But the fact of the matter remains: Am I all that interested that they’re back? Maybe. And maybe at least for the eye candy and to see if I’ve aged better than they have. It’s a competition after all.

Haiku Friday


19 responses to “HF: A Flashback – The Right Stuff

  1. I play golf with Joey. This will be a fun story to bring up when I am losing to him.

  2. You are too funny!
    My girlfriend and I were just discussing this. We were crazy fans back in the day and she was excited at the comeback. I am kind of freaked out. I mean, I just can’t imagine 30 something guys dancing around and singing on stage like they did when they were teenagers who didn’t know any better.
    I told my girlfriend that it would be like us going back to high school and performing in our swing choir, doing the same cheesy dance steps, with the fake smiles and all. After that, she wasn’t so sure either.
    Although I will admit that they are actually BETTER looking than they were back in the day. Even the weird one! 😉

  3. I’m the same way. I have some strange fascination to watch them just to see what they are like now.

  4. Never a fan of
    N. K. O. T. B. myself …
    am I alien?

    I’ll probably skip ‘Today’ but hope YOU enjoy the show.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Back when I couldn’t fill a jockstrap, it was “The Brothers Four”. Didn’t like boy bands then, don’t like boy bands now. But then, that’s just me.

  6. New Kids were my very first concert when I was in high school. My next was Metallica. Talk about a change in the paradigm!

  7. That is a hilarious Haiku! I love it! Funny times, those boy bands!

  8. oh lordy, the crowd gathered in the plaza for the today show concert was a little crazy. including some people who had been there for almost three days!!!!

    me? i don’t get it.

  9. anglophilefootballfanatic

    You know? I never liked them. And, I was 13 when they were HUGE, so I was really their target audience. I dunno. They were cute, but I didn’t ever get it.

    Have you seen the amount of Twits about them. I think all of blogdom is ready for the concerts.

  10. Oh I’m excited to a point! I went to their concert, my first one ever, when I was 10 years old for my birthday. I lost my voice. I don’t think I’d buy their CD or even go to a concert, but to see familiar faces from my youth is nice. They have aged and I think really only Joey is the one who still looks great and that’s because he was like, what, six years old I swear when the group started—LOL

  11. I’m going to email you later today — make sure you check it 🙂

  12. The 80s rock and teenagers SUCK

  13. I liked them back then, but I can’t imagine how humiliatingly bad they are going to be now.

    Somehow it gives me perverse pleasure to think of them totally blowing.

  14. They still can’t dance. And the weird one? still weird

  15. Man Take That have got a lot to answer for ha ha

  16. Love the use of lingerie as a time piece. As for the past, I have learned that ‘you can never go home again’.

  17. What is it with all these bands getting back together .I was never a NKOTB fan but i do heart Take That

  18. one of my coworkers has already taken off to see them in atlantic city. nkotb is a disease!!! lol.

  19. OK, so now that you’ve had a couple of kids, you must be able to fill that bra. What does that mean? Do you listen the Wiggles now?

    Oingo Boingo rules!

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