TT: Thirteen Scottish Actors of the Male Persuasion

Despite the fear of verbal retribution from my nearest and dearest, I’m going to go and throw caution to the wind and post my homage to Scottish actors. Hate me not for I speak the truth.

1. Craig Ferguson: Yes Craig, I picked you first, because I know how you “like to Google your Yahoo!” and how bemused your wee face would be if you saw I’d placed you #1. I also like talking about you like we’re LIKETHAT and have some sort of lengthy history (nothing sordid, just of a purely platonic nature with a smidgen of unrequited). You’ll get over me though, they all do. One day I’ll devise a question for you to read out loud on your lovely, wind-swept and snazzy show and I’ll get the validation I’m obviously craving. You can thank me for converting my husband to your ideology (when we can bear to stay awake), because until my clandestine intervention, he’d been stalking the gangly Conan O’Brien for years. Yes, I’m THAT good. Oh, and happy birthday on Saturday.

2. James McAvoy: Where were you when I was growing up? — And don’t say Glasgow. I enjoyed the stellar performance in The Last King of Scotland, but don’t hate me because I fell asleep half way through. So what if I’m a lightweight?

3. Gerard Butler: The first time I came across him was ‘Dear Frankie’. I had no idea that 50% of the film was shot in my hometown, so what an added bonus to see his lovely wee face grace the screen. I was no longer resigned to staring blankly at old Scottish actors….

4. Sean Connery: Seany-Sean-Sean, thank you for putting Scotland on the map and for paving the way for Scottish actors everywhere to bog off to Hollywood and leave us all with the dregs of society. I forgive you though, thousands of other women wouldn’t.

5. Ewan McGregor: He blazed the trail for the influx of actors that would come after him. Oh how we owe him. As haunting as Trainspotting was, his shaven-headed face softened the blow. He may also be responsible for the “Scottish haircut” phenomenon to sweep the nation…

6. Dougray Scott: I don’t have much to say, just “hello.” If I say much more I’ll babble. And wet myself.

7. Billy Boyd: It might be hard to believe, but Scotland has its wealth of tonal and accent intonations and differences, probably only noticeable to the trained (read: Scottish, or well-spent) ear. Maybe it was just the appeal of LotR, but then again, Took’s character was much more appealing with the added advantage of the softened Glasgow accent.

8. David Tennant: The new god of the small screen. Admittedly, I was probably too little for Dr. Who in the eighties – but that never stopped me watching – the bloody Daleks scared the jobby out of me. To spite me, Ian stops in his tracks and sits statuesque to watch him parade around, blasting around in the Tardis. I can’t thank him enough for that alone. Move in, we’ll make the space.

9. Gordon Ramsay: OK, he may not be an actor, but worthy enough in my eyes to make my glorious list. His drive for perfection appeals and resonates with me. I’d love to do that stuff but couldn’t tolerate the profanities that would be strewn at me. Nonetheless, I heart you.

10. Robert Carlyle: Probably best known for the leading role in The Full Monty. You can come to your own conclusions, but that’s as far as I’m taking that one.

11. Ewen Bremner: With a face only a mother could love, this one’s all over the place with popular films, but rarely a supporting actor. Sorry, it’s true. Come to think of it, I never did see Snatch.

12. Kevin McKidd: He may be a Ging-er AND a tcheucter, but I can overlook this because he’s known RIGHT NOW for Maid of Hono(u)r. How happy was I that a real Scot is playing a Scot? Very.

13. Alan Cumming: Alan, I’m sorry, but as I have been explicitly honest thus far, why break a habit of a lifetime? I was watching Jay Leno a few years ago with my dear, significant other and during your interview I blurted out, “I DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS GAY?!” “You didn’t know Alan Cumming was GAY?!” he spluttered, with a scathing tone of incredulous-ness (it’s a word, shut your dirty mouth), “just listen to him TALK!” “Bryan, he’s from the eastcoast, THEY-ALL-SOUND-LIKE-THAT!”


25 responses to “TT: Thirteen Scottish Actors of the Male Persuasion

  1. i adored james mcavoy in ‘becoming jane’ and ‘the lion, the witch and the wardrobe’. and gerard butler was fantastic in ‘dear frankie’ – one of my all-time favorite films! how cool that so much of that movie was shot in your hometown – it’s beautiful! wasn’t jack mcelhone great as frankie? i know ewan mcgregor’s been in a million films, but i especially liked him in ‘miss potter’.

    okay, time for me to stop babbling. i’m starting to sound like a pathetic, star-struck teenager. thanks for the fun list!

  2. With you on the east coast thing re Cumming.

  3. Now that I know who the competition is — I am totally bummed.

  4. anglophilefootballfanatic

    You didn’t hear all the plays on Alan Cumming’s last name? All lewd and dirty? Hmm.

    I love Ewan McG most. Although, I think as far as sexiest at their peaks, Sean has all of them beat, and I wouldn’t mind seeing what he wears under his kilt – if ya know what I mean 🙂

    Did you see the McAvoy interview on Ferguson?

  5. 1. When my older brother came over he went to a taping of Craig Ferguson instead of coming to see me.
    2. He should have been on Children’s Ward.
    3. Gerard. I fancy him. He’s meant to be playing Rabbie Burns in a film at some point.
    4. I’ll never forgive him. Traitor. Pah! And if one more person asks me to say “shaken, not stirred” I’ll bash their teeth in. Sean Connery has his own accent.
    5. Good point, the Scottish haircut. I’d never linked the two. Bless you, Ewan. You inspired my brothers to look as tough as nails.
    6. I don’t like the look of Dougray. There’s something very unsettling about him.
    7. I think the whole ‘good ear for an accent’ thing might be a Scottish thing. I have a really good ear for accents, mostly Scottish and English. Stuart thinks it’s amazing. One time a guy was talking church. He was English. I leaned over to Stuart and was like, “He’s from Crawley.” Sure enough he was. Brilliant. Pride.
    8. I think he just looks Scottish. As for Daleks and Jobbies. Yes. I agree.
    9. I love Gordon Ramsey. He makes grown men sob. He kind of reminds me of my dad that way.
    10. Hamish MacBeth and “You can leave your hat on”…
    11. I’ve seen a few of the films he’s in but really don’t remember him. Sad.
    12. Father Deegan! Haha! I love him. Have you seen him in Journeyman. The tv show? His American accent is spotless – much better than flippin Hugh Lauries. *Boke* Yay for tcheucter’s! If I was ging I’d be yaying for them too but I’m not, thank goodness.
    13. Hullo! I was born on the West coast and lived there for 9 years and then moved to the East coast and lived there for 10 years AND I knew he was a poof! He’s actually from just up the road from where I lived…

  6. Speaking of Alan Cumming, you should read Tommy’s Tale, a novel he’s written. Happy TT.

  7. Great list and very funny. Seems you have quite a few crushes. After rereading your list I concluded how difficult it would be to make a similar list of Scottish actresses. You may have heard this already but American actresses were picked recently to play the part of Mary Queen of Scots and Rabbie Burn’s wife Jean Armour.

  8. Ewan McGregor….mmm, beautiful!

  9. First, I am sorry your comment went missing. I will have another soon or maybe just send you something for being my first blog I ever read, and still one of my favorites.

    Loved the list. I knew most of them but not Mr. Scott. Love Craig, he makes me giggle. Love Ewan he makes me swoon too.

  10. Hey I had a posty recently where I youtubed a Craig Ferguson interviewing James McAvoy clip….Love em both.
    Also read an article last week on Alan Cummings and he was described more as ‘bi’ than gay – was once married to a woman. So despite the East Coast accent (too funny) there was a bit more to it too!!!

  11. I had a posty?????????????

    Meant ‘post’ – obviously!!

  12. A handsome man whispering sweet nothings into my ear is enough for my knees to go weak.
    Damn my husband for not being Scottish! 😉

  13. Whoops! Left out the important bit!
    “A handsome man whispering sweet nothings into my ear with a Scottish accent is enough for my knees to go weak.

    Nevertheless, I adore you list. *meow*

  14. Allan Cumming has somehow managed to be both charming and polite, while having the dirtiest mouth.

  15. Cor! But isn’t Tom Conti also from up your way? He’s very craggy and lovely.

  16. *Swoon*

    I love Craig Ferguson.

  17. All great actors and I absolutely agree on your #1 choice (even if it was a bit self serving).
    Gordon Ramsay on the other hand I couldn’t disagree more with you. He is a putrid pile and by his actions alone makes any contributions he may make to his art, worthless.

  18. That’s a great list! I agree about Gordon Ramsay though! You can replace him with Mark “There’s been a murder” McManus from Taggart!

  19. That’s a great list. I have to agree about Gordon Ramsay though. As much as I like him, you can replace him with Mark “there’s been a murder” McManus from Taggart fame.

  20. Love, love, love Scottish actors…especially Gerard Butler. Great list!

  21. What is a tcheucter? Also, how about Jon Hannah?

  22. So are you from Grenock or Paisley? Gerard Butler grew up in Paisley I believe, so cool that you’re from the same hometown! Great list, I like most of them on your list, esp. Craig and Gerard, but not Alan. Can’t get over his creepy roles in ‘Emma’ and ‘Circle of Friends’, ugh!

    Check out my wish list of leading men:, ob – obviously I have a penchant for the Brits.

  23. Any advice for a Canadian girl wishing for a Scotsman? How do I meet a TRUE Scotsman? Are there any dating websites? Help…I love a Scotsman.

  24. Good list, but I would have put Iain Glen on it. He’s absolutely beautiful, has the kindest, saddest, Siamese cat blue eyes, and he’s a fine actor who can play anything as well.

    He definitely tops my list of sexist Scottish actors. You are also missing Peter Mullan.


  25. I think David Tennant is the sexiest of the lot. Although Gerard Butler isn’t bad…if you’re a fan of Butler, and haven’t seen the American film “Phantom of the Opera”, I recommend it!

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