HF: What a Difference a Week (Well…5 Days) Makes

Haiku FridayI will eat my words
A week ago, I said:
“Not buying this year”

Little did I know
We’d buy something on Wednesday
We went to “just look”

Car salesmen disgust
E’er the sickening optimists
I tend to ignore

Me? Hard customer?
I told him we’d sleep on it
He didn’t like that

We both stood to leave
He ran off to speak to boss
Then got in our face

He was desperate
“OK, what if we threw in
free oil changes?

It would be for life”
I was sick of the hounding
“OK fine, do it”

Suddenly he smiled
And I began to stress out
Car payments — again!

Life has been stress-free
Nothing for 3.5 years
We’re slaves, yet again

I broke my own pact
“I’ll ne’er own a minivan!”
Silver! Garage! NOW!


13 responses to “HF: What a Difference a Week (Well…5 Days) Makes

  1. Congrats on your new purchase, i do understand and im still slightly pissed at DH getting a new car with car payments we didn’t need (ok needed one for the new baby but it could of waited to after summer)

  2. Siobhan just bought a silver mini-van
    Sold to her by a confidence man
    A bill of goods and oil change eternal
    Just enough to spark instincts maternal.

  3. anglophilefootballfanatic

    oh, oh. You got one? I am still saying NEVER! Congrats on the new car.

    Feeling better? I’ve been missing you.

  4. TGV? I only have ONE mars bar…

  5. At least it’s a nice color!! But you have a mini van—lol But if you need it you need it.

  6. I broke down (literally) when I had the wee one almost five years ago. I live in the city too, so it’s not always easy to park etc. However, I can’t go back to a smaller car now. The kids don’t have to sit anywhere near each other, I can buy out Cosco and get it all in the back, and it’s quite a nice smooth ride. My husband hates driving it though.

  7. That shark looks like it can pack in half a dozen screaming children with room to spare…

    GPS and 7″ video screen for the passengers?

  8. I said the same about a minivan – I was never going to have one. We got it after 3rd child. I got used to the self opening doors/boot etc. The seats would all fold flat in minutes for furniture shopping etc. I LOVED it. Sold it just last year even though I really didn’t want to at all – but I know just what you mean. You will love it though.

  9. My husband said never, I said don’t want one.

    I think he would still say never, but I secretly want one maybe…

  10. I’ve got a mini van, too. I feel like such a soccer mom.

  11. I swore I wouldn’t buy a minivan, but with gas prices the way they are, I’d trade in my Suburban in a minute if I could find one with as much space.

  12. We are well beyond our ‘minivan need years’, and yet, I still find that I cannot do without it. No more is it primarily a ‘People Mover’, it is now my ‘Home Depot Materials Transportation System’.

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