Seven Years…And Not an Itch in Sight

My husband: The one who eats the nasty pretzels when I pick through a bag of Chex Mix; who makes me dinner when I’ve had a rough day despite coming off a 12-hour shift; who runs me a bath in the jetted tub on a weekend morning and tells me to relax…

It’s amazing how time slips by when you’re not really paying attention. Today is our 7th wedding anniversary, we have come through many amazing and strengthening things together and have lived to tell the tale. Incidentally, seven years of marriage should traditionally be marked with a gift of wool or copper. I think I’ll stick with the beautiful flowers I got.

Anyway, I’ve decided to Pay it Forward with another Bloggy Giveaway. Can I get a resounding “ooOoo”? Up for offers this time is a Mars Bar and a wee SURPRISE.

All you have to do is post your caption to the pic below in the comments by midnight (MST) Saturday, 10th May to be entered. Good luck!

ALSO, if anyone is interested, my Pampered Chef consultant is offering 25% off everything if you place an order by 14th May. She just hit her 4th anniversary as a consultant and offered to open it up to friends of clients, not just her clients. If you’re interested, drop me an e-mail and I’ll forward hers to you. If you’re a past host from the last year, you can also add the 10% on top of that. I get no kick-back, just sharing the love.


28 responses to “Seven Years…And Not an Itch in Sight

  1. congratulations! and may you many more years of wedded bliss!

  2. Her: Forget the doggie purse, I love love the poodle caboodle!

    Fluffy: Every. Time. You. Take. A. Step. Your. Butt. Throws. Me. Around. I. Think. I. Might. Bite. My. Tongue. Off. By. Accident.

  3. Congrats for the anniversary Siobhan!!! So awesome 🙂

  4. First congrats…can your husband call my husband he sounds like he could give good pointers?

    Second…the picture, I can’t think of anything clever. I dug CurlySue’s answer though.

  5. anglophilefootballfanatic

    That is SOO wrong! Happy Anniversary!

    Evian! Evian or I’ll bite.

  6. “She’s smiling now but wait until she realizes it isn’t sweat that is dripping down her arse.”

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and your Husband. Christine and I celebrated 14 years married in February and I told her I was twice as itchy.

  8. For starters… Happy Anniversary!

    As for a headline…. hmmm…
    I gotta think about that one… but I love the pic!

  9. *to the incredulous person* “what? I needed the exercise more than he did.”

    “he works so hard all day, i thought he really needed a break.”

    *says the dog* “it’s about time she treated me like i deserve.”

    happy ann’y! you should take the copper, tho. it’s worth a LOT of money these days!

  10. She does this so I can’t look up her shorts.

  11. May you and Bryan enjoy this one and many more! You’re such a great couple.

    Now the caption contest:

    Candy mistakenly thought when a friend called Fluffy a lap dog that she was meant to be taken ’round the running path.

  12. That is one of the funniest pictures I’ve ever seen. That photo belongs here:

  13. Sure it’s stylish, but where does she put the lipstick… not to mention her car keys.

  14. Here is a better one…

    “This young undercover police woman thought her Sergeant said they needed a better plan to lure “PETA-files” out into the open…”

    Love ya!

  15. @ Bryan: Let’s hope she doesn’t need any Playtex friends either. As funny as you are, you’re not getting the Mars Bar.

  16. Yeah for seven years! Congrats on such an awesome landmark!

    I’m horrible at these caption things, but I love the pic!

  17. Congrats on the anniversary!

    Caption: Does this shih tzu make my butt look big?

  18. Fluffy sez, it only hurts when she sits down!

  19. Congratulations on your anniversary! Will have to think about the caption.

  20. Happy 7th anniversary!!! What a lovely milestone…hubby sounds like a keeper, that’s for sure! And yeah, flowers over copper or itchy wool anyday!!!

  21. happy 7th anniversary! hubby and i celebrated our 24th in april. (gasp! is that even possible?!) love the pic, but must think about an appropriate caption. although i do love the grand view’s response. =0)

  22. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Caption: “And I thought the pink hair bows were humiliating.”

  23. I wanted a walk…this is not what I had in mind!

    Best I got:)

  24. I get it.. I can’t win the MARs bar but here is another caption…

    ….TV Salesman’s voice “Have you ever had that lower stomach discomfort early in the morning? Do you let a little slip with each step as you walk through the park? Well my friends, your embarrassment is over with our new IT WASN’T ME Strap on Dog! Yes, you too can simply say “Fluffy! Bad Dog…” and get away with it. Call Now, supplies are limited”

  25. “What? I can only run if there’s a dog chasing me.”


    “Ummm…excuse me ma’am…did you know there’s a dog on your ass?”

  26. Great! I wish the world learns from you.

  27. Great Ma’am! I wish the world learns from you.

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