HF: Hoodwinked by Corporate Giant Ad Placement

Haiku FridayCorner car/truck lot
Not big enough for Walgreens
We drove passed slowly

[Ian:] “I want a red truck!”
That’s all he ever asks for
Not buying this year

His eyes scanned the lot
“Look [Mum], American Idol!”
It simply said: “Ford”


10 responses to “HF: Hoodwinked by Corporate Giant Ad Placement

  1. sometimes it’s funny, the associations that children make: when my daughter was little, she wiggled so much that it was invariably a challenge trying to put barrettes in her hair. she came to think that the name for that dreaded hair accessory was a ‘hold-still’.

  2. Oh that is too cute! Glass Half Full—reminds me of when I would fall down and my dad would call me a Klutz-Spaz. For the longest time I would say that when I fell, hurt myself or ran into something 😉

  3. Gotta love kids. Just gotta.

  4. That’s funny, I guess those product placements are working … they might want to check their target demographic though… unless they’re thinking VERY long term LOL!

  5. Apparently all that product placement is working out for Ford. Too bad the toddler set doesn’t have the money to make good on anything!

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