An Interlude…

I wasn’t really planning on posting today, and really, I don’t count this as one anyway, this is just intermission brain fluff in-between my usual blog entries.  Today, I felt like I needed a break from thinking out loud and started on my journey of blog walking through my ‘usuals’.  These usuals, who, since I moved from MSN Spaces who-cares-how-many-weeks-ago-anymore have went from about five to now thirty-four.  Sometimes making it through all of them in one sitting (thanks to bloglines) is still damn (it’s not a sweary word in Scotland) hard.

Aside from the nineteen loads of laundry (not an exaggeration, I either wash everything in sight or ignore the wash baskets for three weeks) in the past three days and planning things out in my mind, I feel like my body has been working hard to fend off the Flu.  I am still OK, but last night was a bit if-y.  Not to worry, I have Tamiflu on-hand if it should rear its ugly head.  Early afternoon right after putting Cameron down for a nap, I admitted to myself that I am exhausted and took a nap too, leaving Ian to fend for himself armed with the remote control for two hours (he did great).

Anyway, I had a point.

I have a cunning plan–an idea, if you will.  All I am willing to divulge is to make sure you get yourself over here on Friday.  I definitely have something up my sleeve.


14 responses to “An Interlude…

  1. anglophilefootballfanatic

    Oh, I can’t wait. Wait til your blogroll hits the 50 person mark! We love you. Keep posting. And, I don’t think damn is sweary either.

  2. Ooh, if it’s anything to do with fighting fatigue or laundry piles I can’t wait!

  3. You’re on!!!!!
    Plus you’ll be nearly done with the packing by then?

  4. Oooo… I’m all a twitter. Can’t wait.

  5. Seriously? You’re pulling an old stunt to get us to visit? I understand. You don’t get any visitors to your site at all, right?

    Oh, by the way, I am having a contest over at my site. I am giving away $1 Billion.

  6. I’ll be here – right after I visit TheGrandView.

  7. don’t tease people!! 19 loads?! since i normally have at least 5 at a time by myself… i shudder to think what the loads will be like when i actually have a family… yikes!

  8. Knowing how impatient I am, this is utterly cruel on your part. I mean, really. Friday?!

  9. What a tricky way to get us to come back…(not that we needed to be tricked).

  10. It sounds as if I’m on the same laundry plan as you! haha. I’m either all or nothing as far as laundry goes.

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