The Prime Minister’s Question Time

Alright, so I might not be the real Prime Minister, but around here I am. OK, I try to be. Those opposing my methodology and fundamental strategies do not sit quietly. I am barraged with answering back, foot stamping and huffy shouts (and here was I thinking I wouldn’t experience the 3-year-old mood swings because they’d never happened to this point)…*sigh* It’s alright, I’ll let him off, he’s still sick.

But after reading quite a few blogs recently on this very idea, I thought I would oblige over here too.

In ‘real’ life, people seem a little coy to ask me questions–questions about myself or where I’ve come from, what it’s like or what I have experienced here. I find that being online opens up the possibilities to saying and thinking things which are harder to do in person. The fact that I met my husband online and we got to know each other a lot more personally in a quicker amount of time is evident of that theory.

So anyway, my point is…I know some of you out there may have questions for me, so feel free to ask them. Leave a question(s) in the comments and I’ll answer them. I’m not really fussy on the subject matter: immigration, my quirks, food dislikes, pet peeves – it’s up to you. Do keep it clean though, there’s children present! I’ll post my responses in a blog later this week.


22 responses to “The Prime Minister’s Question Time

  1. Cannot think of much to ask really, would you move back to Scotland if you could?
    Not that you would want to today, it’s really horribly wet and stormy here.

  2. What is the question/comment about Scotland that you get over here that bugs you the most?

  3. When you make your trip to Scotland, will Cameron be treated to Gerber’s haggis? Surely that’s a more popular flavor over there than, say, spinach.

  4. What was one of our strange American sayings that gave you the most trouble when you first moved here? Like “raining cats and dogs” – something we say here that makes no sense anywhere else.

  5. How much of the U.S. have you seen in the years you’ve been here? What are some of your favorite cities?

    Other than family and friends, what do you miss the most about Scotland?

    What assumptions did you make about the US before coming here, that ended up being totally wrong? What about the ones that ended up being totally right?

    I’ll think of more; I’m sure of it! 🙂

  6. Great questions! Keep them coming (and yes, that includes the 18 lurkers too. I can see you!)

  7. I have no questions. 😉 I’m looking forward to your answers though.

    Oh, here’s one I’ve been asked a LOT recently:

    Do you feel socialised medicine is as evil as most/all American’s do?

  8. What kind of questions do Americans ask you when they hear your accent?

  9. I want to come up with something totally random and, well…brilliant, so I’m going to have to think on this one a bit. I’ll be back…you’ve been warned! :o)

  10. has it been hard to make new friends since you moved to montana?

    do you feel comfortable identifying your religious affilliation/beliefs (you’ve mentioned church in your blog), or is that something that you prefer to keep private?

  11. Do you like haggis? Have you ever seen “So I Married An Axe Murderer”? And if yes, is Mike Meyers Scottish accent accurate?
    I know. I’m lame. Just couldn’t think of any real questions.

  12. Although I know that Scotland is wetter, do you find similarities between the Highlands and Montana?

  13. are you a u.s. citizen? if so, when did you gain citizenship and how? how do you feel about the immigration debate? can you vote? do you want to? who do you like in the current election? do you want more children? did you think online dating was bizarre before you did it? do you want your kids to grow up in scotland or do you want to live here forever? will you move back one day? is that enough questions? i can go on for days. lol. can’t wait to hear your answers to everyone’s questions.

  14. I’m doing this too! Later this week!

    My question is – if you could have any eye or hair color, what would you have?

  15. have you read anything by alexander mccall smith? (he’s an edinburgh native and one of my favorite authors.) do you have any favorite books or movies?

    sorry if you’ve already answered these questions in previous posts. you’re quite prolific and i haven’t been able to read everything you’ve written yet.

  16. First, thanks for the visit and the super nice comment.

    Question? Uh, let’s see…

    Are we Americans really as rude as we are told?

  17. Goodness! This is what happens when I show up late….everyone took all the good questions 😦

    K,….Do people ask you to repeat yourself often? Does it drive you nuts?

  18. Okay, lame question, but I just love your name.

    It came up on our list of names when I knew I was going to have a baby girl but we decided not to go with it because we thought it might be a challenge for OTHERS to spell it based on how it’s pronounced. And we thought it might be a hassle for her to have to do it all her life (as well as receiving the quizzical looks with her Eurasian looks and German surname!).

    So how often do you have to spell your name out for people, say on an average day?

  19. Right Honourable Prime Minister, tell the truth; Scottish or American cuisine?

  20. Celtics or Rangers? 😉

  21. Stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog…and…the camera I use is the Canon EOS 30D and I absolutely love it.

    As for a question. Hmmmm. How about since I’m from Canada… Have you ever been to Canada? Oh and here’s two questions “I” was just asked. Do you plan on blogging forever? Where do you see your blog being 5 years from now?

  22. Do you care for Craig Ferguson?

    I find him to be among the very consistently funny people on the planet. His TV show makes me actually laugh out loud like no one else.

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