Thirteen Things on my Mind


1. I really, really hope my Gran makes it.

2. Did I really give up soda (at least, indefinitely)? I could be doing with a Ruby Red Squirt right now and there’s four out in the garage. In saying that though, I’ve lost 6 pounds and an inch off both my waist and hips. I shouldn’t complain too much. Still, I need sugar and quite frankly an orange isn’t cutting it.

3. I think I’ll post the Meme I was tagged with on Sunday.

4. I can’t believe I bought a pair of Spanx–even if they were on sale for $12.50 (usually $25-30). I tried them on. Holy crap, they could fit Cameron! I lost all feeling in my legs, but they work. They need to make swimsuits next, I wrote and told them that too.

4. Why did I wait so long to switch over to WordPress? It’s been five glorious weeks. The only complaint I have is formatting sometimes gets messed up and it can’t be remedied, regardless of what HTML code I use. I get ticked off when it squeezes all my pics together and I want spaces in-between them.

5. I need to work on my what-I-am-packing-to-Scotland? list more. I am deathly afraid of forgetting or not taking something I’ll later regret. Any suggestions are very much welcomed.

6. I do not want to be ‘that family’ on the plane with the crying, moaning kids and people huffing, chuffing, spitting and throwing stuff at me. Then again, being usually mild-mannered and unprovoke-able, they might hear it from me if they do.

7. I seriously need to get a grip on the laundry. I haven’t seen two empty tall baskets in about a year. I go through stages of wash-everything-in-sight to loathing it with a passion. There is no happy medium.

8. I really love my hair now. Ian does too, he sporadically tells me I have pretty hair. That’s the sweetest, bestest feeling in the world.

9. I think if I had another boy, I might implode. Then again, if I had a girl I would have to make time to do her hair. Ian’s lucky if he gets his brushed… [disclaimer: that was not an admission of pregnancy or an attempt to elude to thereof. I am also not in the process of getting to that point either. Yet.]

10. I’d like to buy another camera and I can’t make my mind up. Give me more than four choices and I malfunction. All I know right now is: I’d like a Canon with DIGIC III technology and about 8 megapixels. I need to hurry up, I’d like it BEFORE we go on our trip.

11. I am so so grateful the passports for my boys arrived today. Shame one of them is mistyped. It’s not imperative, but it has Cameron born in a different state. We leave in 3 weeks and 5 days. No rush now.

12. I love tax refunds. Some of it’ll pay off the riding lawn tractor we had to buy. (We have ½ an acre, and that’s tiny for Montana.)

13. I’ll have to think of more ways to over-expand my Internet empire and exploit my username database. I now have accounts with: eBay, facebook, twitter, (a dormant) mySpace, for commenting purposes: a blogspot account, youtube, iVillage, iTunes, WebMD, mymonthlycycles, foodnetwork, allrecipes, recipezaar, cre8buzz, Bebo, Yahoo! Answers,, BlogCatalog, NaBloPoMo, site meter, ex-pat blogs,, utterz, and a gazillion online shopping resources and many more I’m probably forgetting about right now.

And with that my friends, I am off now to a Dental Hygienist to have my gums severely violated.


14 responses to “Thirteen Things on my Mind

  1. I’m glad you love your hair now! 🙂
    And I have waaayyy too many online accounts. I can never disappear. *lol*

  2. Oh no, I’m sorry about the gums and the violation of them today. xoxoxox

    Montana, eh? Another reason to move there!

  3. Don’t worry too much about the journey. I have a pieve about long-haul travel with kids on the Expat Woman web site which might help.
    Also, my daughter got the new Nikon DV40 (I think) for Xmas and it’s fab. It’s an SLR as opposed to pixel digitel and the photos are beautiful. They seem to be doing an offer at our local camera store (Ritz) as we got a free photo printer and all sorts thrown in.

  4. whoa! that is some SERIOUS internet crack!! (you already know my relationship w/it… lol) i hope your gran makes it, too. yay for loving your hair!!

  5. I hope your Gran makes it, too. I pray each night, for her. It’s good, though, that you will see her, soon. And make up your mind about the camera choice. Remember, the Canon ‘A’ series is outstanding, but if you DID decide on dSLR, the Rebel XTi is not a bad choice, at all. It has a full auto mode, so that you need do naught but raise it to your eye and push the flippin’ button, but you also have full control available – to do the artsy fartsy stuff.

  6. anglophilefootballfanatic

    You get around on the sites!! I am also glad for the move to WP. LOVE IT. Found YOU. Love it more for that. And, I managed to slough off like twenty pounds in Spanx. Makes me think of them as if they are the great and powerful Oz. Tax refunds make me actually not mind paying the government all my money and unborn children. Cause they decide they will give a little back to me in a big lump!

  7. “I do not want to be ‘that family’ on the plane with the crying, moaning kids and people huffing, chuffing, spitting and throwing stuff at me. ”

    Been there done that with my kids on trip to Hawaii. Short trip compared to yours. We had to put the 2-year old in a carseat, do you?

  8. Internet empires are cool. LOL.

    First time here but will definitely be back!

  9. Speaking for myself, I am glad you made the leap to WordPress. I would have never found you otherwise.

  10. Wow, I’m right there with ya on #s 7 & 9. I couldn’t have said either better myself!

    I got a new digital camera back in August and LOVE it. Lots of built in features – its a Canon SD-1000.

  11. 1. As do we all!

    2. Never give anything you crave, up. It only leads to failure.

    3. Better late then never – my life mantra

    4. Matter has to regenerate somewhere; did you check to see if your head was 3 times bigger or if your foot size suddenly matched the ‘most wanted list’ of a cryptozoologist.

    5. We all hate change, even when it is good for us – Like surgery.

    6. Benadryl (for children and parents both).

    7. Our washing machine has been running non-stop since 1986.

    8. The fact that I still have hair is always something to celebrate

    9. My mom suffered through 3 boys. To this day I’m not sure that the electro-shock treatments were of any help.

    10. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 has the BESTUS view window I have encountered and takes really great macro shots.

    11. Don’t even whisper that there is an error on a passport, just change the facts to suit the doco.

    12.Like Bigfoot and Nessie; tax refunds are only something I hear about but never see in life.

    13. No comment

  12. Yah i have way to many online accounts to, think your the first blogger i met who has Bebo though . Is it a keeping up with the Scots thing?

    I actually think its great fun doing my girls hair as long as they stay still for it

  13. 3 boys are really not that bad….they can all be quite different….
    There are swimming costumes which have a version of Spanx… the are supposed to slim you down one dress size. I have one… is called the Miraclesuit and I just got it at Macys last year….it’s really good.

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