Haikonfused Friday

Haiku FridayWho is this wee lass
I can see in the mirror?
Oh, it’s just me. Oops.

Got it cut Monday
I walk past and double-take
Shorter than before

I can has haircut?
“Why not go short and sassy?!”
Fighting hair remorse

With my (Scottish) friend, John (he’s an ex-pat too)
Short-haired Me & Ian in a kilt, Dec. 2004

It’s not super short:
To my jaw that’s short enough
Like it? Sometimes, yes.

         How it was (on a good day)


26 responses to “Haikonfused Friday

  1. Cute hair, clever haikus, and the wee boy’s kilt is the best! Very nice. 🙂

  2. You look wonderful in your new hair cut. It makes your eyes stand out. I should ground you for complaining when you look so lovely. I am almost 50, I can do that, you know. Ok, I can’t. But you DO look great. Is your hubby back home yet? Inquiring minds want to know. (That is from an old commercial about the National Enquirer … ) I saw that you like Cadbury chocolate in your last blog. I love Cadbury. I have to hide it all through the house so my kids don’t eat it before I can even get a bite. Dang, it is like they have a hunting nose for chocolate. They find it every single time.

    Be happy!

  3. Looks good although (and please forgive me, I am a man after all), I can barely tell the difference. My hair is short, but has never been sassy (can men have sassy hair; do they want to?), but I have noted that its color seems to be passing from fall to winter.

  4. i think it’s very cute but i have done that — been surprised by my own reflection when i cut it shorter than i imagined it would be….oh well, hair grows!

  5. I like the new ‘do. Makes you look younger! (Not that you look older, though) Hope you get used to it and love it!

  6. Oh, sister, I’m right there with you. I get major haircut remorse, and it usually takes a good couple of weeks to grow to the point where I like it. I bet you are the same way. That being said, short hair compliments you –totally!! ❤

  7. hair remorse is sooo 2007. 🙂 enjoy your new cut!

  8. i think it looks great! you’re gorgeous so you can carry off any type of cut!!
    i’m having hair remorse, too! due to the salon mishap…i had to get a bunch cut off the ends…soso sad! but, thankfully, hair grows back!

  9. I’m in the process of growing out my “too short” cut. I don’t know why I did it. I always feel much better in long hair.
    I think your cut looks great!

  10. I love it. Very very cute. I am getting mine cut off tomorrow.

  11. Love the haircut! Very cute. The last time I went to get my hair cut I said to take off 2 inches…and walked away about 4 inches shorter!! It took a few days, but now I like it…and even if I didn’t, it will grow back!

  12. It’s all about the eyes: and the new cut makes them shine.

  13. You look adorable! I love it. Wish I could look so good in short hair.

  14. You’ve been tagged! Check out my blog for details.

    I like your hair. I cut my own a couple of days ago so I’d have no-one to blame but myself if I didn’t like it. Odd thing is that I actually do like it! Lucky me!

  15. you are cute as a bug! i love the new ‘do!

    (and the kilted babe, of course!)

  16. You look lovely. Long hair. Short hair. Makes no difference. You look, and are, lovely.

  17. It looks good! I’m always a fan of short hair, anyway. It’s much less work than long hair.

  18. It looks great. One day I’ll take the plunge. My hair has been basically the same for almost 20 years.

  19. anglophilefootballfanatic

    I like it. And, being me, I’m thinking far too much about which tartan that kilt is…I know most of the major ones by sight. I know. Lousy talent, right?

  20. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments. I’m really liking it now — it took a few days though!

    AFF: It’s the Black Watch tartan.

  21. My dad was an open and close. They opened him up and saw the cancer and just closed him back up. I’m not sure why he did the chemo and radiation. It just made him miserable his final months. He was too sick to enjoy the remaining time he had. It did make him look much older than he was. Be prepared.

  22. Very cute do! I so want to cut my hair short again… The kilt is awesome.

  23. Looks great – hardly any difference, but I always say the difference between a bad and good haircut is a couple of weeks.
    Love the little kilt!

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