Word of the Week


To haud yer wheesht means to keep quiet, refrain from talking:

“Would youse lot haud yer wheesht till we hear whit the man’s sayin’?”

Wheesht! is a command to be silent.

Hear it.

Thanks to Long Aye-Lander from Glasgow for the suggestion. This is one of my favourite words to use.


16 responses to “Word of the Week

  1. My FIL says ‘Wheesht’ too – thought it was just him being odd (as he is in sooooo many ways) – he is Irish.

  2. Yes, I am sitting here sounding it out as best I can, channeling Trainspotting because the link didn’t work for me.

    I sound absolutely idiotic.

  3. I Wheesht hubby and toddler all day long 🙂
    I can’t get utterz to work 😦

  4. Yay! I heard it 🙂 Okay….I can’t pronounce it quite like that….I love the way you say it, thought. It just rolls off your tongue 😉

  5. Yay! I heard it! Lookie you all sex-line-operator-voiced! Hehe.

    “Haud yer wheest.”

    I’ll keep practicing…

  6. LOL@Maria! I laughed about getting a 900 number once. Ahhh, the money I could make!

  7. I would be your best customer! I could listen to that brogue all. day. long. I LOVE it!

  8. anglophilefootballfanatic

    I would love to listen to you all day, too. Wheesht is a GREAT word.

  9. My friend Meredith learned that phrase when she came to visit me in Glasgow and it became one of her favourite phrases, too.

  10. Oh my goodness! I love this word. Never heard it before but I’m going to try and remember it. Glad I found you on here. Will come back soon to read up on you and your crazy life 🙂

  11. “Wheesht” and “Shoosh” are both classics and remind me of my mum. I’m so glad for your word of the week, it helps me to remember things. I don’t want to stop using these kind of words because I’ve forgotten them.

  12. Ooh, another alternative to Be Quiet! I don’t like to say “Shut Up”, but I get so sick of quiet, zip it, hush, etc. Haud yer wheesht. I can do that.

    Of course, they’ll have no idea what I’m saying!

  13. i love your utterz so much i signed up for one. haven’t used it yet and i can’t imagine it would be as informative as yours but nevertheless!! look at you being all inspirational! lol

  14. That’s absolutely fabulous, Siobhan! (That’s not a reference to Ab Fab, on the telly, mind you.) The aural dimension adds so much. I’m quite certain that with past WOTW entries I’d been repeating them to myself incorrectly.

    You must get “love your accent” comments all the time — and for good reason. But consider my pie hole wheesht on the subject (even though I like it, too).

  15. I’ve decided that THIS is how I’ll introduce my children to CULTURE. I already ask them to “come here, please” in Hangul (the language of Korea…I picked up a few phrases when I was stationed there). Is there a particular phrase that would be fitting for reminding my oldest for the 14th million time to flush the toilet?

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