A 3-year-old’s Guide to Haiku Fibbing

My happiest times
Are when they play together
Saves me the effort!

A quiet convo
With my travelling husband
He shared my happies

Thirty-five minutes
They were playing in Cam’s room
Did I speak too soon?

Off to the kitchen
To grab a glass of water
I turned, saw his face

My voice raised an eighth!
“Good grief! What happened Ian?!”
“He did it himself”

It’s talcum powder. Ask me how many times I’ve used it? I despise the stuff, it’s so useless. Okay, now ask me why I kept it.

Bryan, if you’re reading this: the kids are perfect angels, the house is spotless and I’m receiving a full eight hours of restful, undisturbed sleep.

Haiku Friday

21 responses to “A 3-year-old’s Guide to Haiku Fibbing


  2. You’ve GOT to tell him – he’s got it wrong. He’s SCOTTISH – he’s supposed to paint his face BLUE.

  3. More fool you for thinking it was safe to leave two little boys out of eye and earshot. When will you learn! Very sweet tho’.

  4. I was actually in eye shot of them. Ian was bouncing Cameron on an inflatable mattress for the 35 minutes. Right after I got off the phone and went to the kitchen was when the talc incident happened.

  5. hahahahahaha. i love the pic of him crying covered in talc! i thought it was flour. lmao @ the thought of you grabbing the camera BEFORE cleaning him up. too funny.

  6. ROFL!….so sorry to laugh. But I’m crying over here looking at this pantless talc action!

    I love the “he did it himself”….Uh huh, my big brother used to blame me too 😉

  7. Yep, we have those in hour house, too.

    “of course your brother drew that dragon on his back all by himself” 🙂

  8. Yes…I have learned that too quiet for too long spells trouble. Unless the Beatles are on television – then I’m usually safe.

    Is that flour?

  9. anglophilefootballfanatic

    This will be one of those stories you always laugh about. I love that you grabbed the camera. Why are boys so hopelessly curious!?

  10. Oh my gosh, that’s toooo cute! Sorry, I know I not be saying that when my 13 month old grows to do something like that.. LOL

  11. There is something really satisfying about puffing the talc bottle… I’d probably have done the same thing. Sad. I’m 23.

  12. It could have been a LOT worse than talc though…..and at least it was washable!!

  13. OMG! Those pics are priceless! Too funny!

  14. The pictures are priceless! Too cute.

  15. Ahh, good times, good times! Glad you have photographic evidence!

  16. Love it. It is amazing what they can do in a couple of minutes isn’t it. Speaking of which my don’t seem to be napping as instructed better go check….

  17. Just had to come to the comments to discover what the white substance was. Of course he did it himself! Older brothers are the idea men. They always get the younger brother to perform the stunt. I know from experience.

  18. Sandy: I was laughing too–when Ian wasn’t watching. I can NEVER get them to keep their jeans on!

    Melissa: Nice to know I’m not alone. I just wasn’t expecting the fibbing at 3.5 *sigh*

    Maria: They were laughing and giggling before this. As soon as I turned my back…

    AFF, S.A.M., Kathryn, Wright, Jennifer & Janet: I know! I am so glad the camera was on the counter at time.

    Laura: Shhh! I agree :o)

    Leucantha: It never ceases to amaze me.

    serf’rett: Cameron gets blamed for things on a daily basis. Poor kid!

  19. Those pics should get framed! So cute.

  20. That’s hysterical! My older bro used to do stuff like that, til I got old enough and smart enough to get HIM blamed for everything!lol Good job, Ian!

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