Thirteen Reasons I am Thankful for MSN Spaces

Well, my friends (yes, you) I have now been with WP for a whopping three weeks. This was my first official post (if you missed it) and I’m loving it here already. To celebrate, I’m staying up late and composing this as I hit my sarcastic peak–usually after midnight. Plus, it’s depressing to head to bed when you’ve become second only to a week-long ISO 9001 certification.

Thank you, MSN Spaces for helping me see the light. It took me a while – just 2½ years of blogging torture and misery – but I moved on mentally and physically. I shall no more feel used and cheap, nay! No longer discarded and unwanted–tossed aside like a Commodore 64 in a Pawn Shop.

1. Now, I know you made me Space of the Week twice and even included me in a snazzy booklet you distributed at a technology convention blah, blah (which technically makes me a published writer–Ithankyou!), but it’s all too little too late my friend. We’re done. Over. No moooooore.

2. Don’t come crying to me begging me to reconsider: I left no forwarding address. For good reason.

3. The last straw was when you disabled <a href> functions. Gone was my clickable banner. You’re Suckingham Palace my friend.

4. I can publish a post here anytime I feel like it. I can archive all my old stuff and put it in this shiny new place.

5. But – WORDPRESS! – I cannot, canNOT transload it from MSN, you don’t support it. Cheers for that. That and my gazillion old comments from my wee lovelies. I have to painstakingly publish. One. At. A. Freakin. Time. Lovely biscuits.

I forgive you though.

6. Okay, maybe one sincere thank you. Thanks for posting me on the MSN Homepage. I got 95,000 hits that day. I also wet my (British) pants. Twice.

7. I can have as many categories as I please. Read them and weep. No, really.

8. And, I don’t even need to publish with a category, you pedantic fools.

9. How many ex-pats did you introduce me to? Hmmm…let’s see. None. I now rub shoulders with seven, and three Anglophiles.

10. I can e-mail WP HQ. How bloody cool is that?!

11. I can propel myself (if I so choose) to my own website. Kiss that MSN.

12. Sandboxes galore. That’s all I’m saying.

13. You still have (a year-and-a-half of) my stuff and I’m coming back to get it. You can keep the Cindy Lauper CD though.


15 responses to “Thirteen Reasons I am Thankful for MSN Spaces

  1. Oh my, that’s funny as hell. I was half expecting a “see you, Jimmy” in there. Am I one of the Anglophiles? Hmm…never been called that.

  2. I created a WordPress account back in November, but have had little time to decorate the new digs (hell, I barely have time to mess with the old place), but March should see ALOT more time for me to play. Glad you like the new surroundings, see you there soon.

  3. 97,000 hits in one day? Get on with ye’. Not that you don’t deserve it – because you do. But gee, I don’t think I’ll ever see that many visitors on my blogs – not ever! You are soooool lucky and I am soooo jealous.

    Maybe if I painted a nude …..

  4. lol. i love brit lit and that was so reminiscent I closed my eyes and called you “Shuv” a la one of the books. sigh. delightful. Suckingham Palace? lmao!! 95k hits? Yowsa!

  5. I like the phrase “Suckingham Palace.” It makes me laugh.

  6. anglophilefootballfanatic

    HAHA. I loved it, too! And, don’t you love Katie? If you need more Brits, I can get you in touch with a few more!

  7. Holy Hits! 95,000 visitors!!! I hope you had a banner up to snag some dollars from that kind of traffic 🙂

  8. I’m feeling much more at ease myself after that wee push you gave me to hang up with MSN. Thanks! 🙂 Incidentally, I’ve found that folks are still posting comments over there instead of at Blogger. *sigh* That’s okay though… it’s good to feel loved, right? 🙂

    I can’t believe that I didn’t finish reading all of your last entry because I completely missed the audio file until just now. Insert high pitched girly scream here! OMG! What a doll you sound like! I called my girls over and had them listen, too. I told them that you sound like what their Grandma sounded like 30 years ago before she lost most of her brogue! 😉

  9. I’m glad you all liked it, I had fun writing it! I meant every word too!

    Sandy: Sadly no banner (another perk to MSN, only MSN-approved banners). And even more sad for me, I can’t take the 207,331 blog hits with me. Oh, and I only practiced about 20 times before I finally recorded it.

    Awww…Elizabeth, you made me tear up. I’m not meant to do that! I’m a wee tough wumin.

  10. Very entertaining! So you have really made me wonder why I am hanging onto the MSN space. Although I never most of the fancy stuff you are talking about, so I don’t even know what you are talking about. ; ) I need to go listen to that audio file now.

  11. I had a C64! Did you have Pong game too?

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  13. I’m in love with you. You have me just absolutely enamored – I’ve been reading you for about 1/2 an hour – [That is a LONG time!] and I’ve already added you to my blogroll. 🙂

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