Word of the Week

ma, mammy, maw:

All of these are used locally to mean mother.

“Couldny be better Ma!”

“Hey Maw, whit’s fur ma tea?”

Many Glaswegians are particularly sensitive to their mothers (apparently it’s admissible to pan fathers), and this has given much rise to barbs such as yer maw’s a big man, yer maws a brickie, yer mammy’s a bun and so on.

Hear it. Here.


16 responses to “Word of the Week

  1. Oh how I remember my ma with a head full of curlers like that.

    Then we got cable tv and didn’t need them anymore.

  2. So are you a maw or a mom?

  3. Hmm..I think this needs subtitles!!

  4. You haven’t been wearing your sunblock have you?

  5. The last time I saw THAT LOOK on my Mom’s face – I was in deep shit.

  6. errr. i don’t know what yer maws a brickie or yer mammy’s a bun mean but they sound amusing!

  7. Your voice is absolutely charming. And your accent (brogue??) is the sort of thing that those of us born in the USofA love about the UK.

  8. I LOVE IT!! What a great idea to add to this post…You have a lovely voice. Very soothing 🙂 You said all of that rolling off your tongue. I can barely read it without restarting the word 5 times!

  9. What a great idea. Now you’re really making me miss Scotland. I cannae tell a lie.

  10. That is great. Now I can learn how to speak like a Scot. ; ) Speaking of the mammy barbs, recently when substitute teaching when the kids started using in on the “Your momma” jokes I had a hard time disciplining them and not laughing. Being an adult is no fun some days.

  11. Big big thank you for stopping by my blog because i now have the joy of reading yours . I love reading about all the Scottish stuff 🙂 . Never got the Maw stuff but sadly hear teenage boys shout it alot normally follwed by an insult.

  12. You forgot the best one! “Yer Ma’s fae Barr-Heid!”

  13. Loved hearing your clip. Why wouldnt’ you be called a “MUM” or is that a word for the English?

  14. It’s funny how when you hear a voice of someone you can’t see (like on the radio), they never look the way you imagined them to, but having seen your picture and read your posts, your voice was exactly the way I imagined it would sound like.
    Go figure!

    BTW; very nice touch to your Word of the Week. I totally loved it.

  15. How wonderful to hear your voice. Something this Ohio girl can’t get enough of. It’s why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BBC America.

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