In a Beautiful Quandry

I’m in a bit of a predicament and it’s driving me crazy. To those who just made a snide remark about my current level of sanity, I say: SHUT IT!

Bryan bought me an iPod shuffle for my Christmas (I really don’t need anything bigger, just something to drown out the kids…and plus, I’m so pedantic when it comes to listening to music that they’re perfect for me) and I received a duplicate from my in-laws. They also sent me a sandwich toaster, sadly Ian had bought me one for my birthday early December (it also makes waffles, it’s brill). So, I sent those back and got a sweet refund–minus the bloody shipping because it “wasn’t their fault”.

That’s the predicament.

I sat and poured over’s pages for about 3 hours one night looking for things to replace them with. Nothing. I couldn’t find one single thing that I really wanted. I’m at a total loss. Bryan bought me a sewing machine (I’ve never personally owned one), so nice scissors or how-to books would be great. Other than that, I don’t really NEED anything. If I could just cash it in, I would be happy.

What would you buy with $112.06?


14 responses to “In a Beautiful Quandry

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  2. I’d probably just end up with a whole bunch of books, but amazon has EVERYTHING. Get yourself something you wouldn’t normally buy.

  3. Thankyou for an enjoyable half hour of reading your blog and at the same time wondering what I’d do with over $100 at Amazon! I’d spend more time looking and lusting, Katie’s right, there is SO much you could get, you can even buy magazine subscriptions, and sadly mundane but very useful – diapers cheaper than at Costco and the delivery is free!

    Sorry I just suggested you spend your Christmas money on nappies.

  4. Wow…Amazon sells so much! how about MP3 for that iPod šŸ˜‰

    How about a digital frame? Nice cookware? I bought one of those nice Kitchen Aid mixers on sale for about $99. ….

  5. I have an idea but it may make you homesick OR you might not like the show. But for $25 more you can buy all seven seasons of Monarch of the Glen on DVD.

  6. If it was me I’d keep the money and spend it on Scottish bling for the boys when y’all go to Scotland. Something that will remind them of where they were and why they were there.

    But that’s just me.

  7. Katie: I think that’s part of the issue: I just have too much to choose from!

    Alison: I didn’t know they shipped free, so that’s a definite plus. Now whether I spend some Christmas moolah on it is another thing…

    Sandy: Great idea, now if I could only find a bargain like you did!

    The Grand View: That made me think of something else. Maybe I could get Father Ted instead. Did you ever see that?

    Iceel: I really wish I could, unfortunately it’s for only.

  8. Look in the gourmet food section.. They might have some of the foods you like from home!! They have stuff from all over the world! I’d get some good scizzors, a good basic sewing book, some goodies from the gourmet shop, and a couple of good picture books on Scotland/traveling to prepare Ian for going there! Just my opinion! I can always find stuff on there I want!

  9. Of course I remember Father Ted, very funny show. Here’s a YouTube clip of it.

  10. I would blow it on books….but look at the FLIP camera….we got one before Xmas and it is pretty good – I am not big into videoing etc but even I can work it. We got it through Amazon with free shipping……..

  11. I’m with everyone else on buying up a range of things — definitely some music for that iPOD.

    Brit cook books also not a bad idea –Nigella Lawson’s Feast or Delia’s Complete Cookery.

    (btw — I’ve just returned to blighty after 15 yrs in the states. Talk about reverse culture shock!)

  12. anglophilefootballfanatic

    I say lots and lots of books. But, knowing me, I’d spend it all on the kiddo.

  13. Anyone have a birthday or special occation coming up that you could use it for? You could use it for an extra unexpected gift for your mother.

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