If only she knew…

This week’s theme is skinny. Rather than post the obvious, I’ve been sitting trying to come up with a different approach. ‘What’s the skinny?’ Nothing. So here’s the obvious:

Excuse the poor quality, the scanner I used six years ago sucked–but you get the idea. Plus, a great shot of my skinny husband in a kilt. His idea. I backed him up though, of course.

Here’s one of me from October 1999 at my skinny size 6, of course, you can’t see that. I was also still in Scotland at this point. The photo was taken in California on vacation by my amateur photographer friend.

But in spite of the above, I must admit my mindset has been changed over the years, and more so recently.  Thanks to little fingers changing the channel, I happened upon a t.v. show I probably wouldn’t have given much thought to or consideration.  How to Look Good Naked is hosted by one of the Fab 5, Carson Kreeley on Lifetime Television.  In their own words, “[They’ve crossed the] Atlantic and brought Britain’s hit reality series ‘How to Look Good Naked’ to the States.  The show teaches women of all shapes and sizes how to go from self-loathing to self-loving without resorting to interventions like extreme dieting or cosmetic surgery.”

I really can’t remember the last time I watched a television program and came out of it feeling uplifted and inspired, it was refreshing.  It also made me realise that my recent desire to workout and eat better isn’t fuelled from self-loathing or feeling like I am unsightly; I’m out-of-shape and unfit.  Walking Ian to school (when the weather behaves) at a decent pace has taught me this–and it’s only a 12-minute jaunt each way.  It’s amazing how that just after a few days I already feel better, and that in itself has done me the world of good.


2 responses to “If only she knew…

  1. I was living in Scotland for three months and watched a bit of telly. I couldn’t believe some of the shows. Wife Swap made it to the US, as did several games shows. I am still waiting to see, Worst Celebrity Driver and my favorite, Celebrity Arse Painting. On this show, you would show up with your spouse who was dressed in chaps. Then you would proceed to paint your spouse’s arse whoever the chosen celebrity of the day was. How that hasn’t made it here, I will never know.

  2. Oh, and by the way, congrats on choosing to get fit again.

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