Another Crazy Eights

Ella at Momisodes via Sandy challenged Ian and Cameron to do a Meme. I mentioned it and they want to do it dictation style. As ever, I have to do the grunt work and they get the credit.

The Ian Edition

Hello. My name’s Ian. What’s your name? How you doing? Do you have a dog? Why? What about a cat? Why? We have a bird. Do you like games? Why? Do you have brothers? Why?
1. I don’t have cool initials, they’re IEW. Too bad Mum didn’t spell my first name Eoin, then it would be AWESOME! I love to make people laugh. My job is to make Cramen laugh every day. I like puzzles and games and trains. I love LUV cheese and potatoes. Daddy says sugar makes me crazy, I love it in any form though. I’m tall for my age. For Hallowe’en I had to wear a size 4-6 costume. I also wear a size 11 shoe. I’m cuter than Cramen.

2. I LOVE to dance. My favourite music is Jack Johnson and that one Rascal Flatts song. My best book is Llama Llama Red Pajama. I like movies like Cars and Night at the Museum. Mum got the museum one for her birthday last month from one of my aunts. I watch it constantly. I plan to sicken her of it so she’ll just hand it over to me. It’s not working, she still laughs at it–even when I sneak it in twice a day. My favourite t.v. shows are The Upside Down Show and Charlie & Lola. I also enjoy The Poo Guy [Dirty Jobs] and dancing with Ellen [DeGeneres]. I’m not allowed to watch Little Bill on Noggin.

3. When Mum’s lying on the carpet stretching her back (she says I’m to blame, so I blame Cramen), I like to dog pile her when she’s not watching. She makes this awesome GAWPING noise. She gets me back by tickling me till I vomit. I’m really ticklish.

4. When Mum and Dad took us into Dillard’s the very last day of November to buy Mummy a dress for a Christmas party, I got mad at Dad while we were waiting for her to try it on (because it’s all about me, not Mum), and I called Daddy a “SHUT HEAD”. There were lots of people around and Daddy got mad at me. I have no idea why. Now Little Bill is banned because he taught me PEANUT HEAD. I like to substitute it with anything that comes to mind.

5. I have a cunning plan when it comes to eating. I enjoy cool stuff like salsa, avocado, cheese roll-ups, corned beef (hash), meatloaf and homemade macaroni cheese. I can’t stand cooked carrots or corn or peas or anything resembling a vegetable. Well, except green beans and potatoes. Mum thinks I’m picky. It’s Cramen who’s picky. Who doesn’t like bananas? Him. I also love all fruits like blueberries and oranges. Oh, and water, orange juice, cran-raspberry juice and chocolate milk.

6. Mum and Dad are excited because I’m 3½. They buy me cool board games and exciting toys now. I really like it. But I also think they’re reliving their childhood vicariously through me. They don’t know I’m using them. They love me best.

7. I’m a huge help around the house. I rarely get paid for it though, so I’m working on getting in contact with a child labour protection agency. I absolutely love to cook. I even have my own step to reach the counter. That’s what I like doing best. I help load the washing machine and the dryer. I pretend vacuum, dust with a Swiffer duster and wipe off smiley faces that Mum makes with Pledge. I’m also self-taught on folding laundry. Mum hates doing that, she says it’s a waste of time. Cleaning windows around here is a waste of time, but she still does it.

8. Mum said that last week’s theme was Dirty. She should have entered, I think. I have that one down to a science. I actually broke her of her perfectionistic tendencies when it comes to a clean home. It just depends on your level of tolerance on what you might deem as dirty–but you have to work them up to it. Here’s what I did:

Where’s my prize?

I did this too. They’d just re-painted my room a week before. Daddy accidentally had left a wet paint roller in a plastic bag in my room. I was supposed to be taking a nap. This is after the clean up and carpet cleaner got to it.

is some of my earlier work. Thankfully she got pics of that too. Go check it out. Not my best work though.

This was the Piece de Resistance. It took her 90 minutes to clean it. She still has nightmares. She says she’s glad Cramen is quiet and non-assuming. It was my first time out of a high chair. She’s the lightweight!


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