Haiku Friday on a Sunday, I’m a Daredevil

Family Photo
It really happened Friday
Just have to pick one

It was so much fun
Her antics made us all laugh
Except Cameron

What a deadpan face!
He cracked a smile in two pics
Ian ruined the shots

With biting his lip
And looking away from her
Photoshop is dear*

To cut and paste him
Would cost 75 bucks
For an hour of work

Got Ian’s hair cut
Hard to believe what it cost
Wow, $15

It wasn’t worth it
For a kid’s cut – believe it
I cut it better

His cowlick sticks up
The hair growing gone to waste
She chopped it all off

I said, “make him look cute”
She might have heard “cut it short”
Thanks, Regis Salon

* Expensive


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