Just Thirteen?

I don’t complain much; on or offline. But here’s thirteen things that are getting on ma t***. Yes, toes.

In order of annoyance.

Three times they’ve sent me the wrong colour of something because they ran out mid-transaction. The reason? “The red 12-18 months brushed cotton shirt must have been in the same bin as the brown and they just sent out the red instead. It’s sold out now.” Translation: WE LIE. And we want your money, so here’s a colour you didn’t want. The store agrees with me too.

2. No Christmas snow. We had snow all the way up to mid-December. That sucks. Ian was gutted.

This is up the one side of my house taken mid-December

3. The Christmas lights blew a fuse and it was impossible to repair it easily. Plus, it was minus-something degrees outside. The clincher? I told Ian that the Christmas lights were there so Santa could find us. They went out Christmas EVE.

4. Buying Parenting books to solve Cameron’s 11 months of sleep issues and that night and just days later, he fixed EVERYTHING himself. It’s not smart and it’s not clever.

5. Bruise-free kids until a week before our first ever professional family picture. Then I got the flu. We cancelled that morning.

6. eBay listing/auction end gouging fees. You’re already loaded, knock it off.

7. The Flu. And not being able to take anything for it.

8. Taking two doses of Mucinex DM and realising too late it has Pseudofed in it. Good thing Cameron is almost a year old now.

9. Old ladies, parking spaces and Christmas traffic. Bryan sat and waited for a lady to get in her car, back up and vacate a space, only to have a gormless old biddy steal it from him and not even bat an eyelash. I should have smacked her with my umbrella. Old people suck. They smell bad too. Look, I’m complaining, just let me go.

10. Memes. I still do them and I still like it, even if I complain about it.

11. Having to watch the Queen’s Christmas speech online. Now THAT’S quality broadcasting.

12. Being too sick to make Christmas fudge for my friends. Now they’ll think I really suck. I’m making it tomorrow though.

13. Having to drive 45 miles to recycle Christmas boxes a-go-go because the local garbage service:
a) won’t let your wheelie bin’s lid be at more than a 45 degree angle without an extra fee.
b) won’t let your garbage weigh more than the alloted amount for the size of the bin. Try guessing it though.
c) comes at 4 a.m.


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