You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

You seem a little perturbed, how was your day?
The usual, kept the boys alive.  Barely.

Anything unusual going on at all?
Well, last Wednesday, Cameron was walking with his head turned to the side looking at something intently and smacked into the side of the t.v.  Luckily the goose egg went down, but it left a nasty bruise.  Friday night, I sent the boys into Ian’s room to play while I finished making dinner to get them from under my feet.  Not even a minute later, Cameron was screaming, then it went quiet, so I figured it couldn’t be too bad.  When I got there, he was doing the silent-scream-not-breathing technique.  Ian was hiding under the covers, he knew he’d done it now.

What happened?
Cameron had been playing with one of Ian’s toys (come on, he was IN HIS ROOM), Ian snatched it from him and pushed him over – right on top of another toy, with an edge no less.  He had a huge goose egg in the centre of his head and it was purple.

Kids bounce back so quick, they heal so fast.
Yes, you’re right, they do, thanks for the sympathy.  His scar is better, in fact it improved overnight.

There’s something else, isn’t there?
There’s always something else.  Toddlers/Pre-schoolers like to practice the art of walking or running looking directly behind themselves.  Ian is no stranger to attempting this maneouver; despite on-going safety warnings for the past eighteen or so months.  Today was a classic example.  At 4:20, Ian decided to run from Cameron who was in the kitchen with him and practice again.  Only this time, he smacked his face full force into the bird’s cage and took it with hi
m, breaking the stand’s fall with his leg.  He’s ok, but his eye is still swollen and scratched.

Kids are like that, he’ll get scraped up more.  Has he ever fallen over the cage before?
True, he will inevitably get more bumps and bruises.  And no, he has not.  But you see the thing is, that’s not my issue of teeth-gritting complaint, we’ve never had a family portrait taken.  Never ever.  EVER.  We finally decided to do one this year with the boys–make it special, you know?

When is it?


And here’s a lovely update:

Notice the swelling and bruising. Sweet.

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