13 December Goals

1.  Maintain the look of the Christmas tree, even if you have to tweak it.

2.  Cover blank spaces on selective walls.

3.  Start reading again.  No, Llama Llama Red Pajama does not count.

4.  Spend your birthday money on yourself, not the house.  This includes the mission of goal #2.

“dis-uh-BEEL”, 5.  Get the boys to start and end the day wearing trousers.  See dictionary.com Word of the Day: dishabillenoun:
1) The state of being carelessly or partially dressed.
2) Casual or lounging attire.
3) An intentionally careless or casual manner.

6.  Stop attending Pampered Chef Parties.  Attendance to date:  August, October, November, December.  Break the cycle, youcandoit!

7.  Stop spending and start spendthrifting.

8.  Ignore any and all self-advice regarding budgetting.  It will be your quiet ruin.

9.  Use the new vacuum to bribe small children.

10.  Eat Santa’s cookies shamelessly.

11.  Stop mentally writing blogs in your head as you fall asleep.  You’re already sentimental, no need for plain auld mental.

12.  Spray Pre-school with a 6% bleach solution and thank the MOTHER(!) who brought their kid to school with PINK EYE.  That’s conjunctivitis to me and you.

13.  Maintain the secrecy of spouse’s Christmas gift for the first year ever.
Last year was a dismal failure.  After DH signed up with Amazon Prime last year, it would have been a GOOD idea to make sure the CONFIRMATION OF DELIVERY e-mail went unnoticed.  DH’s train of though:  “your package has been shipped(?)  What package?  *Click*  Oh.”  Being 38 weeks pregnant I did what any good gestating woman would have done.  I bawled my wee Scottish eyes out.

** I may even be inclined to post photographic proof of any of the above points as evidence materialises.  Watch this Space.


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