Word of the Week


An odd word, meaning punishment or enthusiastic participation.  To give it laldy means to give one’s utmost enthusiasm and effort to whatever it is one is doing:

“The boy wi’ the Lamberg drum wasny half giein it lalady.”

To give someone laldy is to give the person severe chastisement, whether physically or verbally:

“Aye, yer granda used tae gie us laldy wi’ a slipper for the likes a that.”


One response to “Word of the Week

  1. When we got home over the summer some numpty was taking money out of my little sister’s bank account – her child benefits no less. My mum was really angry that the bank folk wouldn’t listen to Beki so she declared “Gie me the phone, hen! I’ll gie thum laldy!” Stuart was highly confused about what ‘laldy’ was. He listened for a second and caught on very quickly. Laldy indeed.

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