What The href Is Going On?

I’m really starting to get ticked off with MSN Spaces. Of course, this has been coming for some time.

Somehow, somewhere along the line, I lost the desire to continue writing here. I can’t put my finger on it. There is no explanations, no excuses–but after all, who really cares. And that’s the truth. Coupled with the lackadaisical approach to something that has followed me for so long, was an increased boredom with the availability to make it grow and change. I had taken the design (and feel) of it as far as I thought I could, and it had all just lost its appeal with me.

I made a silent appearance from time-to-time, but just couldn’t bring myself to ‘talk’.

One day, I realised it was time to face it and decide if I wanted to come back. I had left unannounced and without notice. How rude of me. I poked around and noticed Spaces had made some interesting changes and I started mucking about to see what I could mess with.

Apparently, a lot less than I had hoped.

With the last banner I made (with the zebra), I quickly realised MSN couldn’t allow me to make isolated buttons (called mapping) on it to click to links to e-mail me, RSS me and post in my guest book or guest map. So, I split my banner into 5 pieces and made each section a huge button. Problem solved and Bob’s your proverbial uncle.

Even though I don’t always embrace change as readily as some, I felt a new look would do me good. So, I set about making a new banner with a new title and a new look. I was excited – a fresh start! I coded everything up to launch it all–and nothing. A banner, yes, but no linkage. No clickability, no snazzies. What a downer! The head haunches at Spaces decided to deactivate that specific HTML coding, opting for BASIC, boring code that allows nothing, but a banner.

So, I ask, MSN Spaces? What the <href> is going on?


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