Me. In a Nutshell, In 10 Seconds. Maybe.

Me, in a nutshell, in 10 seconds. Maybe.
I was born and raised in Scotland and moved here for 6 months when I was 25 (and 2 days). Three states, two mortgages, two boys and 7½ years later, I’m still here, surviving the quiet, tumbleweed life in scenic Montana.
[I’m not making this up, a deer just ran past my back fence. It was mental!]

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Ok, here we go. Despite being a Scot, I can’t stand porridge, oatmeal or anything mush-like at all. And let’s throw in warm milk for good measure too. I’m a soft-hearted perfectionist with a flair for drawing, shopping, reading dictionaries, and teaching myself new skills. There goes the 10 seconds. I love peach rings, gummy worms (the sour kind) and sausages. I can juggle, wire a British plug, change a fan belt, sign in BSL and burp on demand. I really want a bike and a pair of rollerblades. I also want a pavement outside my front door (the UK and US kinds) to facilitate said rollerblading. And yes, I still have my accent. And yes, it has bought me bargains at stores.
Post script: I’m married to a microbiologist who loves science-fiction, Man Vs. Wild, Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs, but rarely watches sport.

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