Ten Things I Never Thought I’d Hear Myself Say

 1.  “I think for our next house, we should build it out where there’s not so many other homes around us, secluded a bit more, you know?”
2.  “Ian, close the front door, birdie will fly out and the hawks’ll get him.”
3.  “When I was feeding Cameron this morning at 5 a.m., there was an owl on our roof hooting.”
4.  “I can’t believe those guys are poaching deer so close to our house.”
5.  “A bald eagle just flew over our car!”
6.  “It’s quiet and peaceful here, I’m actually starting to enjoy it, in spite of myself.”
7.  “It’s weird to see buffalo in a field next to I-93 on the way to Missoula.”
8.  “I never knew what dark was until I moved here.  Look at all those stars!  I think I can see every constellation.  If you relax your eyes you can see the Milky Way too.”
9.  “What’s the point of going camping?  We’re already there!”
10. “I can’t sleep, it’s too quiet here.”

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