How Do They Compare?

Ian – newborn                    Cameron – newborn

    Ian – 5 weeks                     Cameron – 1 month

Ian was plagued with jaundice until he was days away from being 3 months old. I am so grateful Cameron didn’t have to go through that. If Ian had been just 0.5 higher, they would have hospitalised him. As it was, we had to put him under the UV lights for a week and we only got to hold him for feeds and nappy changes.
I can see similarities in them both, but Cameron has a different chin and nose and possibily hairline too.
We are loving having Cameron around, he is a precious addition to our family. Ian, I’ve noticed is very protective of him and that’s a great sign. A congregation member helped me out to the car park with the boys, he took Cameron in his car seat and started walking off with him. Ian yelled, “hey, where goin’? Come back, come BAAACK! Mummy, where Cramin going?!” He was very distraught.
Cameron is going through growth spurts all the time, and has already out-grown his brother at this point. I put jammies on Cameron last night that Ian was still wearing at 11 weeks. At 5 weeks, Cameron won’t be wearing them again, he stretched to the end of them.

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