Suddenly 3 weeks have passed and I think I can finally say I feel like I can function again.  What a transition it’s been.  You forget all the work involved with a newborn, and for the first week-and-a-half he was waking every 2 hours to be fed (this of course includes the 30 minutes to feed too), so I was a walking zombie for a while.  I can definitely say it was a good day if I managed to shower and dry my hair.  This has happened 3 times, including the one time in the hospital.
Ian is reacting pretty well to our new addition, and with the exception of one day, tells us that he ‘likes brother’.  Yesterday he told us to take him back.  With Cameron settling into a schedule almost right away, I have been able to devote more time to giving Ian attention and for the past few days, this has really been paying off.  He’d been going into his room and dumping out all of his toys and blocks, drawing on his wall and little table and chairs with markers and throwing the baby’s things around as much as he could.  He’s also been running up to Cameron while he’s sleeping and screaming “Raaaa!” at him in an attempt to vie for more of my attention – albeit negative.  So, doors have been locked and some toys confiscated, and little talks have been given until he comes to better terms with everything.  But on the plus side, he loves to help with him and will readily grab nappies, bath towels or anything I need to help out.  His reactions are all dependant on how his current mood is.  And it definitely helped having Bryan home for two weeks to offer support and let me sleep during the day.  And – he made some amazing chicken last night.  What a man!
I think I’m getting used to having another little one around the house again.  He’s a great baby and has a really good nature, feeds well and hasn’t peed on me yet.  (But has thrown up all over me 6 times.)  What more could a mother ask for?
View his first ever bath at the hospital here.

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