The Long Road Home

I am now dilated to a 3.  My doctor also stripped my membranes to see if it would move things along for me.  The next available induction day was next Monday, so I have a definite date if things don’t go anywhere before then.  Trouble is, I have to be there at 07:30.  They only set aside 3 spaces per weekday for inducing mothers, to give walk-ins the chance to birth, which I think is totally fair.
We had to go back to Costco, so I could pick up the contacts I’d ordered, so we took a walk around to see if anything would come of it.  At the checkout one of the women there smiled and said, “when’s your baby due?”  I laughed and said, “three days ago.”  Both she and the one right behind the till were a little shocked that they hadn’t taken me in to get me started and we explained about the inducing scheduling.  Then one of them said, “is this your first then?”  And I am just as surprised that I have went overdue as everyone else seems to be, but somehow I was kinda expected it.
I started feeling some contractions coming on in the store, but didn’t take too much notice.  Then about 25 minutes after leaving the doctor’s office I started having some major contractions all within about 6-7 minutes of each other.  Now, bear in mind I had just come from my doctor’s office, and the last thing the medical assistant said to me was, “you know, if you’re having regular contractions 6-8 minutes apart – just go.  Go to the hospital.”  So I kinda had that thought in the back of my mind.  I watched the clock vigilantly from 5:36 p.m. onwards and they were regularly spaced out, all much stronger than last week, for the duration of an hour.  So I thought, ‘why not, the hospital’s right here, may as well go in and see if it’s anything.’
Long story short, the contractions got stronger, same amount of time in-between and then after a while they gradually tapered off and got less intense.  We walked around the ward for an hour to see if that would give any indication of what direction I was headed in and I slowly realised it was probably time to head home.  Again.
I’m actually fine, I’m not concerned or depressed about it at all.  Just really sarcastic.  The baby is fine, his heartbeat is great and the fluid is perfect, everything is fine, my body just isn’t quite ready.
I’m fully expecting Ian to be mad at me for not bringing home brother (he’s having a sleep-over tonight).  But give him a week after he’s here and he’ll be telling me to put him in the trash.
Personally, I think the baby didn’t want to come out because he’d heard it was going to be -8F (-22C) tonight, and I don’t blame him one bit.

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