This Week in Pictures

On Boxing Day, we welcomed two new additions to our family:  Hamish the goldfish and Magnus the snail.  Ian has been fascinated by fish for about 4 months now, so we thought it would be the perfect present.  Having been quarantined for 2½ weeks, we had to do a one-day swoop at the stores and decided the best plan of action would be to pick up the fish last thing on Christmas Eve.
When we arrived home exhausted and a little less rich, we realised we were missing one very important fish.  Good thing Ian was too small to notice or care.  Two days later we swung by the local pet shop and got our fish and snail. He loves his “feesh.”
Thursday night, we decided to drive downtown to SLC and let Ian see the Christmas lights. Every year, the area around Temple Square is always jam-packed with lights on trees, bushes and buildings –  it’s a huge crowd puller.  Even though it was a little cold, it was amazing to watch Ian’s face as he saw tree after tree lit up in different colours.  I think we got more joy out of watching him than anything else.

When we arrived home our DSL modem was sitting quietly on our doorstep.  What a great day!  We love our DSL connection and have had a great time going to websites that were previously unaccessable to the 26.4k (on a good day) download speed.  Now you know why we put up such a stink about it!
Later that night I got a hair-brained idea, and spent the ensuing hour and a half typing out a HUGE explanation on how to successfully add Windows Media Player to your Space; also adding how to shrink your music files.  As I was finishing up getting ready to publish, it crashed.  I crawled into bed at 02:00 seriously ticked off.  I’ll be using Word before I publish anything that involved now!
This leaves me with just one more thing:  I’d like to wish everyone a safe, happy and prosperous New Year!  See you in ’06.
Love and kisses,

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