The Most Wonderful Woman in the World…

Yes, I hacked my wife’s blog for her Birthday … Love you sweetie!

On December 6th exactly 32 years ago the world was blessed with the arrival of a beautiful baby girl named Siobhan.  She was so excited to get here she actually arrived a few weeks early!  To make a wonderful long story short, she met me 25 years later and changed my life forever.

As I have grown closer to her over our nearly 6 years of marriage I have found her to be one of the most giving, caring, loving, and self-sacrificing people I have ever known.  She is always ready to give up everything she has, and would if need be, go so far as to give the very substance of her existence for her children and family.

You know, it is often said that behind every good man there is a wonderful woman keeping him looking good.  I don’t know about myself, but if I am even a small reflection of light coming from my wife then I cannot go wrong.

The highest calling of womanhood is that of a mother and in that calling my wife is truly Queen.  I have seen her lovingly teach, respect, and care for our son and have no doubt he will become a great and wise man because of his mother.  I know our soon to be born son will follow in those same great footsteps and will make it my duty to ensure my boys know what their mother has done for them.  

I would like to draw one comparison from the history of ancient AmericaThis is a story of a group of young men who were raised in a society where their parents had taken an oath not to take up arms against their kinsmen.  A great war broke out and these people were being killed in large numbers.  The sons of these people decided that as they had not taken the same oath they would fight for their freedoms, land, and way of life.  When these young men came to battle, and it is written that there were some 2000 of them, not one of them was killed.  They said it was because of their faith and belief instilled in them by their mothers.  They had been prepared, they had been taught, and they knew where to draw their strength from.  I have no doubt my sons will look to their mother and find the same.

As for me, my life will never be the same.  The day I met Siobhan I had a change in my heart.  Just being near her brings me peace with my only desire being to nurture her, love her, and provide everything I can for her.  She is my eternity, without which I could not exist.

Happy Birthday Siobhan and thank you for all you do for me, for us, and for our family.  You are my inspiration and my light.

Love, Bryan


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