That Man

I’m in a reflective mindset again.  Whatever the reason,  I can’t help but marvel at the fact that I have a wonderful husband.  It was his birthday on Tuesday (tchoosday), and throughout this week, I have been reflectively contemplating him: his character, his strengths, his mannerisms.  Him.
First and foremost, I’m grateful to his mother for raising him the way she did.  I have a wonderful man at my side because of it. 
I often wonder if most would pass by Bryan without a second glance, unaware of how remarkable he really is. 
He has such strength of character and a strong resolution to always do the right thing.  He’s smart.  He’s funny, mostly without trying.  He has been through a lot in his life, and in spite of it, has become a better person for it.  He commands a quiet attention when he publicly speaks or teaches a group.  He puts others’ needs first before his own and includes everyone.  Despite his incessant teasing, he has a love for everyone and shows it in his actions.  He is a natural-born mediator and is at his best when he is resolving concerns and situations.  He has an incredible ability to draw others to him, and because of that, people confide in him a lot.  He isn’t afraid to try something new, or take risks.  He has a very sensitive (and kind) heart.  He is by all means the definition of complete selflessness.  He is always looking to improve his surroundings and is never short of a new well-thought-out idea.  He was born to sell anything to anyone, and by his own admission could “sell ice cubes to Eskimos.”  He loves me completely, for who I am and what I can become.  He never tires to please me or make me feel wanted and appreciated.  He really is the one person that understands me completely.  He is my husband … and he has no idea how important he is.

2 responses to “That Man

  1. That is so very sweet! ( =
    You are lucky to have found each other!

  2. my heart is overjoyed. To hear such praise towards a man of character who has won the heart of such a beautiful woman fills me with both hope and inspiration. Thank you so much for your writing, your honesty and your spirit.

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