My 101

1. Firstly and rather boringly … the name’s Siobhán – pronounced “Shi-Vawn”.

2. It’s Irish. To all those who’ve made this weird comment, I say no, I don’t think it’s weird to have an Irish name and I’m Scottish. Bryan’s name is Scottish and he’s American. So there.

3. I was born (and raised) in Scotland.

4. With a view overlooking an immense river.

5. I still miss it a lot.

6. I’m an INFJ.

7. I’m also a permanent resident.

8. I moved to the States on 08 Dec 1999.

9. I was coming over for six months for a change of scenery|bit of a challenge|I was in a rut.

6. It’s been a long six months. It’s been nine years. (For those who couldn’t be naffed counting)

7. I’m completely average: 5’5”, American shoe size 7½ (British 5).

8. I was born 8 weeks early.

9. I think that’s the last time I was so early for anything.

10. I’m a middle child, two brothers, one with 6 years on one side and 12 on the other.

11. I met my husband online.

12. He’s a microbiologist. He blinded me with science.

13. A fortune teller (I did it for a laugh) once told me I was a late bloomer.

14. I think I’m just beginning to find myself.

15. I’ve changed my outward appearance drastically over the past three years.

16. Maybe she was right about that.

17. I can be far too accommodating and get walked on.

18. I’m pretty patient.

19. It takes a lot to get me annoyed. But when I am, stand back.

20. I correct peoples’ spelling all the time. Mostly mentally.

21. I’m spiritual.

22. I can be stubborn.

23. I’m sometimes fickle.

24. I’m opinionated when I’m passionate about something.

25. I’m really sarcastic.

26. I’m shy. Honest.

27. I care about what people think of me.

28. I’m very loyal to my friends.

29. I get hurt easily.

30. I have a big heart.

31. I’m sentimental. Or maybe just mental.

32. I notice peoples’ eyes first, even if I’m not talking to them.

33. I really love Spring: The cool air, the new life.

34. I love silver/white gold/platinum jewellery.

35. My wedding ring is yellow gold, I don’t remember why.

36. I love wearing men’s socks.

37. I have come to appreciate alone time.

38. I’m very tactile.

39. It’s one reason I love hugs.

40. I’m a very private person.

41. I don’t wear a watch.

42. I love to travel.

43. I love being around young kids. Especially tweenies.

44. I have a soft spot for marines.

45. I love to design|draw|paint|sketch.

46. I need to do more of it.

47. I also love to cook from scratch, I find it very therapeutic.  And rewarding.

48. Meatloaf is one of my fave dishes to make.

49. I used to be scared gas cookers/stoves would blow up on me.

50. I now own one and would never go back to electric.

51. Spiders never bothered me till I came to the U.S.

52. I have a really varied music taste.

53. From Snow Patrol, U2 and Stevie Wonder to Michael Bublé, Maroon 5 and Gwen Stefani.

54. And everything in-between. Except country.

55. My guilty pleasure is disco.

56. I’ve never tried illegal drugs.

57. The oldest guy I dated was 16 years older than me.

58. I have four knuckle lines on my left pinky for some strange reason.

59. I love slide puzzles and riddles.

60. I’m a huge cheese fan.

61. I love banana milkshakes.

62. I hate pretzels.

63. I love curry; and spicy food in general.

64. I’m not supposed to eat spicy food. I have IBS.

65. I like football. The British kind.

66. And snooker.

67. I’ve never been to Blackpool.

68. Or Disneyland, World or EuroDisney.

69. I enjoy going to the dentist.

70. I love Coconut & Lime Verbena and Mango Mandarin body creams from Bath and Body Works.

71. I love the smell of leather.  And walking into a bakery.  I also love the smell of a newly bathed baby.

72.  I love lists, as long as they aren’t ‘To-do’ lists.

73. I wore a school uniform for 13 years of my life.  Shirt, tie, blazer — the works.  All schools, public or not in the UK have uniforms.  Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t have to decide what to wear every day.

74.  I really enjoy reading.  But don’t do it nearly as often as I’d like.

75.  My favourite flowers are Calla Lillies and gerbera daisies.

76. I think I had A.D.D. as a child.  I’ll never know, no one ever bothered to find out the “why’s”.

77. I used to want to be a policewoman in the UK.  I was one inch too short and didn’t have perfect eyesight.  I’d never do it here, it’s far too dangerous.

78. I was constantly mistaken for a boy as a child|tween.

79. I still have self-esteem issues.

80. I love beating my husband at air hockey and pool.  We’re also competitive with iPod Touch games like Fifteen.

81. I enjoy teaching myself something new.  Even if it’s something like new a game.  Like Backgammon

82.  I’m not much of a feminist.  I like that women can go out there and accomplish their dreams, but I’d much rather stay home with my children.

83.  Ever since my husband and I got married, I’ve always worried.  If he goes somewhere without me, I worry.  If he’s over 15 minutes late getting home from work, I worry something awful has happened.  My fears were realised a few months before we were married when he came home early from work one day saying he’d slid on black ice, stopped to help others who had rear ended each other and had to jump the concrete median to avoid an on-coming fast car as it barrelled towards him.  It hit right where he’d been standing.  My worrying is completely justified.

84.  I can’t stand freezing cold weather.  I don’t like anything above 80ºF either.  I need to move to the west coast.

85.  I’m such a perfectionist, but not for everything.  I’d rather not attempt something monumental, in fear of failing.  I’m more content to not try and wonder.  I wish I could break myself of it.  The kids have slapped the perfectionist out of me when it comes to the house though.

86. I wish I could swim stronger for longer.  If I ever make it into a pool again.

87. It bothers me when people try to imitate my accent.

88. I don’t think it’s endearing.

89. Sometimes I think I should have been a teacher, or a hair dresser.

90. I’m easily excitable.

91. If I’m comfortable around you I’ll talk your ear off.

92. I think the Redwoods (Yosemite Park area) in California is a pretty spiritual place.

93. In my opinion the best fake (American) Scottish accent was Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland. (Don’t mention Groundskeeper Willie in my presence!) Maggie Smith does the best fake Scottish (she’s English) accent ever.

94. I taught myself basic and advanced HTML.

95. I like a clean house. Toddlers are not conducive to this idealism.

96. I love penguins and zoos in general. I could spend hours there.

97. I love making people laugh.

98. I learned conversational Italian in 5 months.

99. I’m somewhat of a recovering Internet addict, but still spend far too much time online.

100. I also watch far too many reality shows, even though I don’t like them.

101. I just read through this and realised I’m a freak no one will ever want to know.


24 responses to “My 101

  1. Found you!
    We have a lot in common – feet that grew the same in pregnancy – we were the same size before and after….we came over just for 2 years – in 1996. We are legal aliens but all my kids are US citizens…sarcasm – yes love it…..spelling – oh yes – wait til your kids start US school and you have to write ‘color ‘ etc – it’s hard! Also wanted to be a policewoman but also too short (5 ft 2) – I don;t get so many people trying to imitate my Yorkshire accent but they try and do their best British – usually involves the word ‘scone’ and is not really any good at all. Also speak conversation Italian (self taught) – worked out there a few summers. Have no qualifications in it but used to mark oral GCSE Italian exams and get paid for it!
    Now I am intrigued what you looked like 3 years ago……….

  2. Hi there! are funny..thanks for stopping by my blog..I’ll be back..interesting blog…Cheers!

  3. What is it about men’s socks that you like?! And why do you fear gas cookers? I badly burnt my hand on one when I was 2 but I seem to have got over it thankfully…

  4. anglophilefootballfanatic

    Did I totally miss this? I have varied music taste, too & I love disco! I also love silver & platinum…won’t wear gold. I think our personalities in the shy unless comfortable & very loyal are exactly the same. My shoe size went up (and wider) from pregnancy.

  5. i liked this a lot. the knuckle thing just had me staring at my hands for at least :30. i didn’t notice anything untoward. i’m the queen of imitating accents. tho usually not to the person’s face. alright alright i’ll STOP! i just think they’re so delightful. i say i don’t like reality shows but as many as i watch that must be a lie. i’ve been to eurodisney and disney world and will go to disney land when i go to cali. this makes me want to take your 101 and do my own post b/c i have far too much to comment on!!

  6. You can correct my misspellings any time.

  7. I have just found my Scottish roots and will not ask if you know any Colqohouns or if you’ve been to Luss. ;o) I do hope to visit this summer though. I enjoy your blog.

  8. You’d be surprised at how many of us are a lot like you. I’m shy, love disco, and have a nasty sarscastic streak. Oh, and I’m a middle child, too. With all the middle child issues. I have a grand dislike for electric stoves. Has something to do with Home Ec classes in high school. Will only cook on a gas range.

  9. Four creases on the inside of your left pinky finger (what you call “knuckle lines”) is refered to as an extra interphalangeal crease. In fortune telling, this can indicate a higher IQ, higher sex drive and/or writing ability. I have this, too, and I am a writer. I couldn’t say about the other two.

  10. Great list. Where are you from in Scotland? My Dad was from Aberdeen and we visited every summer – possibly the coldest, windiest place on earth!
    I’m very similar with the shy, private, loyal, opinionated thing, oh and I love penguins too!

  11. I enjoyed “My 101”. Many of them sounded very familiar to me. I’m Irish, though I haven’t been there, yet…someday. Have a great day!

  12. Why would you call yourself a freak? Even after reading all those I just can’t tell even a bit of a freak in you. But to each his own, right?

  13. (It’s me again…after reading and commenting on your delicious looking High Tea a few days ago.)

    From this post you made me think of my daughter who just graduated college. She took some sign language classes while completing her degree, and became fascinated with baby signing. She’s working on a book about baby signing and we know several new/newer parents who talk and “sign” to their infants and toddlers at the same time. At 6 months of age, and if you know what to look for, babies can begin to mimic some “signs” back as their first conversation. My daughter also tells me that children whose parents spoke and signed to them actually developed earlier and better verbal skills overall.

    Terribly interesting stuff.


  14. Well you certainly are a fascinating person. I met you on my blog the other day, and I’m glad to come here and find out more about you. I’m part Scottish, meself. (Lots of us in the States). Your boys are adorable. I shall come back and read more.

  15. You crack me up Siobhan….You are like the cutest thing ever!

  16. Interesting factoids!

  17. Just popping through and enjoying my peek at your blog! (We have a lot in common – except for the whole Disney thing, since I have been to WDW more times than I can count.)

  18. I really really hope that we meet in a coffee shop one day, you seem like such a beautiful person haha 🙂

  19. Robin "Scottie" Crawford

    It’s refreshing to read a site like this. You bring back many memories of youth. I left Scotland many, many years ago and ended up In Calgary Alberta, where I lived an exciting charmed existence. Ihave my summer home in Antigonish, Nova Scotia 60 feet from the ocean. I retired early and am still in love with my wife, this makes it easy to overcome any issues or problems.
    Stay optimistick

  20. Hi there

    Visiting for the first time from xbox4nappyrash.

    Love your blog. Very entertaining.

    Also, definitely agree with you re. Johnny Depp & Maggie Smith re. fake Scots accents. Both excellent actors IMO.

  21. So I’m from glasgow and I’m gonna be moving tae the USA at the start of next year to get married. We met online just over a year ago. I spend alot of time in America but i always find myself getting frustrated because i miss scottish banter!!!! NOTHING IS LIKE IT!!! Nothing like a yappy glesga taxi driver:)

    Did you find it hard to settle in?

  22. Yep- I absolutely LOVE all the “lists” my friends send me- and when I do them I usually post them on my blog for all to see and copy.
    Got more? Send ’em to me!!
    Thanks for popping over to my blog for a quick glance! Feel free to come back anytime!! It IS kinda “R” rated sometimes tho with coulorful language, so be warned.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog….or did I tell you that already?

  23. Hi,
    My grandmother’s name was Lula Arvilla Wray…and the song she used to sing to me while trying to get me to sleep was “by o’ by you. by you baby , byou baby buntin’ byou baby buntin’ daddy’s gone a huntin’, to buy that baby to buy that baby rabit ou baaby dady’s gone a huntin’….to wrap that baby bunitn in..” Anyway , have you ever heard that song as an irish or a Scot song? I need to know from where it is it comes??? I have both the “Dyson and Campbell” names on my dad’s side…the other side is strictllly Russian…Please help! Thank You…
    Lu Anne

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