Things I Miss From the UK

  • ten pence mixtures
  • corner shops
  • chips and gravy
  • being able to walk somewhere
  • sausage rolls
  • the coast
  • not having to spell my name (at least in the last 5 years BEFORE I left)
  • bagpuss
  • sausage supper
  • slice aka square sausage
  • any kind of sausage really
  • safeway
  • newsagents
  • potato scones
  • potato waffles
  • hp brown sauce
  • heinz soups
  • cornish pasties
  • the wombles
  • wellies
  • tizer
  • tesco cheese aisle
  • french fancies
  • red amber green amber red
  • crusty rolls
  • bacon sarnie
  • top 40 singles
  • rain, sometimes
  • no chance of watching someone run a red light
  • knowing what the name of a cut of beef is
  • teletext
  • british tv
  • jam doughnuts
  • real hot cross buns
  • singing a nursery rhyme without changing the words
  • lilt
  • “at the third stroke, the time sponsored by Accurist will be…”
  • devonshire custard
  • hearing people say Worcestershire properly

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