First Things First

Two hundred and eighty visitors, and only 4 people have anything to say?  I can’t believe that.  What’s wrong with you people?
Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of entering the local USCIS office on Thursday and I have to say, these past two experiences have been much more agreeable than in previous years.  I think part of the charm is due to the wonders and marvels of infopass, the online appointment-maker.  That way, when you turn up, half the state and their dog isn’t there with you.  I also must note that the lovely odor has now dissipated.  It felt like a cattle ranch in there, especially with the security officers yelling “sit down!” every five minutes.  Now the officers smile and greet you as you walk in the door and hold the door open as you exit.  But maybe they just wanted me because I’m so friggin’ hot. Yeah that’s it.  That and my amourous Scottish accent.  But I must also say that I was in and out of there in 12 minutes (and I was 5 minutes early), something unheard of in the very recent present.
So now I just have to sit back and wait for my new card to show up and I won’t have to bother with them for a long, long time.  Ahhh, lovely.  For those of you not familiar with the wonders of the division of Homeland Security, your life is empty and void of stress and frustration.  I now urge you to leave your country of origin (for no good reason, as I did) and become an ex-pat and start the process.

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