I Swear the 9.5 Months Were Longer

It’s hard to believe just over a year has gone by since my little Ian first made his appearance into the world. And what a year it’s been. I have so much love for my wee man, it’s difficult to put into any kind of words. And he’s just as beautiful to me as the day he was born.

It’s amazing to sit back and watch him discover his world, and to learn things without me even showing him first. He has grown and developed so much; physically and mentally. As the days go by, I see how things connect in his brain suddenly, and all of a sudden he has ten skills he didn’t have the day before. He sings, he dances, he wrestles, he dribbles a football, he plays the maracas. He even said baby tonight. Oh, and he loves to fake sneeze – he’s strange.

Bryan and I both had a great time at the little birthday soirée we had for him. Ian doesn’t remember it at all, the ingrate. Seriously though, thanks to everyone who made it really special. It’s hard to see your little one suddenly become an infant and vie for his independence. It’ll only get worse I suppose.


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